Ten Things

10 Random Facts

10 Random Facts for today:

Felix Hoffman, inventor of aspirin and heroin
Felix Hoffman, inventor of aspirin and heroin

1. The man who invented aspirin also invented heroin in the same year, 1897. (Not sure whether to shake his hand or slap his face).

2. Worldwide sales of cocaine account for more than Microsoft, McDonald’s and Kellogg’s combined each year.

3. Braille, the system of communication bumps for visually impaired and blind people, is used by fewer than 5% of people in the UK. (So why is it on every packet of medicine, and lift button then??)

4. The human eye is so sensitive it can detect a match being struck 50 miles away (on a clear, moonless night).

5. The sales of bow ties in the UK doubled overnight in 2010…when Matt Smith became the new Doctor in Doctor Who.

6. An orange is a left-handed lemon. Yes really. They have chemically identical molecules that are mirror images of each other (“chiral” molecules. Chiral is from the Latin for hand)

orange and lemon

7. If all the salt in the sea was spread over the earth in an even layer, it would be over 500 feet thick.

8. The original name of 7-Up was “Bib-Label Lithiated Lemon-Lime Soda”. (Not entirely surprising that they found a shorter name is it).

9. “Trombone” is French for paperclip.

10. The sale of second-hand underpants was banned in Ghana in 2010 (the mind boggles….!)




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