Daybook Entry – 17th May

021114_2314_DaybookEntr1.jpgFOR TODAY

Outside my window… a glorious Spring day has come to an end. There is still light in the sky but it is throwing the few clouds up there into sharp relief and the sky is a very colourful study in black and blue.

I am thinking… about my friend who is currently on an aeroplane after a week’s holiday in Portugal.

I am thankful… for food in my belly tonight.

In the kitchen… I have stacks of laundry to do.

I am wearing… my comfies for bed.

I am creating… a crocheted cardigan for myself but it’s on the back burner a bit at the minute because things are so busy elsewhere.

I am going… to be leading worship in my church tomorrow.

I am wondering… if Student Finance will allow me to do two courses with the OU next year. If they do then this time next year I will have my degree (woohoo!!).

I am reading… “In a Dry Season” by Peter Robinson. It’s an Inspector Banks crime thriller and is the fifth or sixth I’ve read of the series (all jumbled about). I’m really enjoying it too.

I am hoping… I can swap shifts with Emma one day this week so I can finish my last assignment for this course. I think she has revision for her own exams to do so I’m not going to put any pressure on her.

I am praying for… my Mum and Dad and members of my family as they scatter my Gran’s ashes tomorrow; my friend Rita who is really quite poorly in the middle of her chemotherapy treatment; Liz who needs help; a relative who is in hospital and her family who are dealing with the prospect of losing her.

I am looking forward to… not having to get up early on Tuesday morning! I have been up at the crack of dawn for the past 8 days on the trot now, so with tomorrow and Monday that would be 10. My constitution is not built for early mornings…roll on a lie in on Tuesday.

I am learning… how to construct a proper academic essay (finally).

Around the house… we are trying to redecorate the landing and the stairs (eventually the hall too) but as we have no money it is being done piecemeal with materials we have already got, so I have got dustsheets over my bookcases in the hallway, carpet up on the landing and half the staircase, bits of semi-painted and almost ready for painting bits of wood exposed (don’t touch it if it’s white!!!!), no wallpaper on the walls and DUST DUST DUST everywhere. I don’t know when (if) we’ll ever get it finished but it will be the first time we have done this area since we moved in 16 years ago so there’s no rush…

I am pondering… how to raise cash for a camping holiday this year. It’s tight and there’s no guarantee yet, but if we can do it we’re going to spend some time in the North East. Northumberland at the coast is a beautiful place to be.

A favourite quote for today: faith in god 2
One of my favourite things… is having a canopy over the deck at the back of our house so I can sit in the garden but have some shade too.

A few plans for the rest of the week: Leading worship tomorrow, finishing off my essay, doing some revision for my exam in a couple of weeks, a couple of shifts of invigilation at school, marching practice on Friday night (should be a laugh!).

A peek into my day… it has been a weird one today; saw a hot air balloon over Whitefield which appeared to descend into someone’s back garden, went to a mission and strategy meeting at church, got diagnosed as having hand foot and mouth disease (which explains why I’ve felt so poorly the past couple of weeks) did a two hour revision session at uni with the tutor, bumped into an old friend who I’ve not seen for about 12 years or so, came home and did a load of housework. The fridge got the clean of its life today and here is a picture to show you just how clean and tidy my fridge can be (even if only for a short while lol!)


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2 thoughts on “Daybook Entry – 17th May”

  1. Hope you have a good week! That quote there is something that I definitely need to remember. Thanks for sharing it!



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