What You See…

My friend Dave over at Dave’s (Almost) Daily Drivel raised an interesting point yesterday on his blog. He made the point that people’s blogs are as individual as they are personally and generally reflect the type of person the blogger is in “real” life (as opposed to “blogland” life). He said that some people are quite forthcoming about their personal lives and what’s going on a home whilst others are a bit more reticent, and don’t give much away at all.

It got me thinking about my own blog, and the reasons why I set it up and the reasons why I have kept it all these years. It also got me thinking about how much my aims and practices have changed over the years too and more so than ever in the last 12 months or so.

I initially set up a blog to keep a bit of an online diary quite a few years ago. I had kept a paper diary for years and years and thought that an online one would be better – more hi-tech if you like – and never dreamed that anyone would ever read it other than myself. Anyway, they did and I ended up sharing more than just “what I had for breakfast” type stuff. I began to share some worries and fears, and sometimes I managed to write the odd article about daft things that were going on (like the memorable post I wrote about my misadventures with a hair removal strip on my chin) and started to get some comments. Mainly from friends I knew in real life but occasionally from strangers too. I didn’t post very regularly, and I certainly didn’t have any sort of plan to work to.

But then two things happened simultaneously. First was that Microsoft/Hotmail (where I had my blog) closed and we were shipped over here to WordPress, and within a few weeks of that I became very ill (which is a subject I’ve written about many a time).

The two things clicked into place for me – WordPress was so much easier to use and looked so much better than the old blog site, and after a couple of weeks of desperate “who am I, what am I here for?” type stuff when I lost the bits of me that (as I thought then) made up my identity.

So I began to blog in earnest.

And the first thing I did was commit to posting something every day for a year – which I did. Hurrah for me! I talked about loads of stuff – personal things, family things, fears about who I was, opinions on the news, the occasional photograph or funny picture, stories about the kids and so on – and my writing bug was well and truly woken up.

In fact, it wasn’t just my writing bug that had woken up but it felt like my whole soul had been given a shot of adrenaline too. I have embraced my faith with a passion I hadn’t thought possible before, I have restarted my degree studies with the Open University (the finishing line is in sight…giddy giddy!!), and I have experienced a level of friendship and support I never imagined would be out there in the blogsphere.

I feel a totally different person now to the one who started blogging all that time ago, and my reasons for blogging are different too. I enjoy the contact with my friends who I have made through it, and I really enjoy visiting those on my readers list to see what’s happening in their lives too. But coming back to the issue that Dave made about sharing our innermost stuff and it made me realise that lately, my “home” stuff has not had an airing, and I think it’s time I mended that.

So, just a bit for you tonight (I think I’ve bored you enough by now) and I’ll do my best to be more open in the future:

I have been working again this morning. Just exam invigilation, but we are desperate for the money and it’s all I can do just now (still couldn’t hold down a full time job – I’ll bore you with the details another day). I am loving being in the school environment again, and it’s great to have some banter with stroppy teenagers who are immediately disarmed by it.  I’m in again tomorrow afternoon and all day Friday – I just hope my back holds out because we’ve got marching practice on Friday night!

Busy weekend ahead – Messy Church on Saturday for me, Todmorden Carnival for the boys and Ethan is doing a bike ride with my Dad on Sunday from Manchester to Liverpool along the Manchester Ship Canal. His knee is still thickly scabby from when he came off his bike on the way to school last Monday and each night after his shower I get to inspect the healing process… the joys of motherhood eh?

I’m still stuggling with the blisters from hand, foot and mouth disease last week. And believe me, that description doesn’t even come close to covering just where the little blighters have turned up!! Ends of my fingers are still sore (one is still open and bleeding so needs a plaster), head is still sore and the one on my hairline looks like a horn is growing and I won’t even talk about the ones not for public viewing…. *shudder*….

Not sure whether to be upset or not with a friend tonight. I mentioned earlier just how much I wanted a steak, so much so that it was almost a craving, but as money is tight and food like that is a luxury that has to wait, we were having to make do with mince (again) for tonight’s tea. His response was to point out that when I get my degree (in 2 years) things would be different. Gee… thanks for that. Then, later on he told me that he’d had a massive meal tonight and was stuffed. Gee….thanks for that too. Am I being overly sensitive because he can eat what the hell he likes while we have to be very careful? Or am I right to be miffed? Don’t get me wrong, our tea tonight was very nice – pasta bolognese, albeit eked out of the freezer and the cupboard (starting to echo in there now) – but do I really have to listen to someone tell me how good they’re having it and still stick a smile on my face while they’re doing it?

As a matter of interest, how would you react if you told someone “I’m hungry” and they say “it’ll be ok in a couple of years,” and then follow it up with, “I had a great feed tonight”? Answers on a postcard (or a twenty pound note) please! Maybe I AM being overly sensitive….

So, that’s me for now. A bit of an insight into why this blog exists and a little bit into the stuff going on behind the Mushy Cloud. Thank you for flying with me today 🙂




1 thought on “What You See…”

  1. I had hand foot and mouth years ago and still have strong memories of the horrific pain from the mouth ulcers. Poor you.
    I saw Messy Church advertised at a nearby church in our Village. What exactly is Messy Church – I assume no mud pies?


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