Photo of the day


This. Is me at the end of a very long day today. I was up at 4am being ill and since then it’s been a full on day.

It was fantastic though and can’t complain about running a Messy Church today with my church family.

I was asked the other day what Messy Church was and in a nutshell it’s church for people who don’t want to go to a formal Sunday morning service. It is for families to come to together, and the “messy” part is because it’s full of arts and crafts, games, singing, dancing and food without any formality whatsoever. We have a theme and everything on the day is linked to it. Today’s was about belonging,and what it meant to belong to something. So for example we made friendship bracelets for each other, made a photo collage of each other as we belong to our own family and the messy church family, and had great fun painting the kids’ feet to do footprints on big rolls of paper. Eddie our vicar made his footprints alongside theirs to signify that God always walks beside us because we belong to him.

After running about all day and thoroughly enjoying myself I’ve enjoyed putting my feet up tonight and catching up on some recorded TV.

A great day all round!!


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