Daybook Entry – 8th June 2014

021114_2314_DaybookEntr1.jpgFOR TODAY

Outside my window… it’s getting on to 11pm and there is still a lot of light left in the sky. It feels like early evening, and feels wrong to be getting ready for bed. I can hear the drum-bass beat of the music in Heaton Park too and I live about 3 miles away. Thanks Parklife…

I am thinking… what a horrible week it has been this past week.

I am thankful… for my husband – especially his listening ears and his remarkable circus-skilled decorating demonstration today using leftover wallpaper from a couple of years ago.

In the kitchen… we had good old spaghetti bolognese tonight. From scratch, by moi, tasty and filling and using up ingredients from the freezer and the cupboard. Get in!!

I am wearing… my favourite green baggy sleep t-shirt.

I am creating… a cardigan for myself and I’m STILL working on the blanket for the caravan.

I am going… to Huddersfield bandroom tomorrow night with Ethan as he is playing with them on Whit Friday and needs a rehearsal with them.

I am wondering… if I should take my cornet too…

I am reading… I’ve just started Elizabeth Haynes’ “Human Remains”. I can’t get into it at the minute so I can’t really offer an opinion on how it’s going yet.

I am hoping… for a trouble-free sleep tonight. I’ve been plagued with night-terrors recently and those coupled with agonising stomach pain and shoulder pain have meant I have had very little sleep for about a week.

I am praying for… there are a lot of people I know and love who are facing some really serious health problems at the moment, and one in particular who is coming to the end of his earthly journey so I would like to pray first of all for Arthur and his family who are coming to terms with his impending departure; I am also praying for Rita who is really suffering with her chemo treatment, and Jane who has had a serious operation recently; I am praying also for Maisie and her parents, may God give them strength and patience and the calmness to deal with the stuff life is throwing at them just now; I am praying too for my own Grandma, who lost the third one of her daughters last week and whose funeral it was on Friday; and I’m am praying for those closest to me who are still in pain after losing loved ones.

I am looking forward to… starting my new modules with the OU in October. Yes I know that’s a long way away but really, it’s the only thing on the horizon I am looking forward to at the moment.

I am learning… that God really does provide just what you need and no more. You may know that I have had a couple of hours working for a couple of weeks. Just invigilating exams, but it’s a little money to go towards the cost of a camping holiday in the summer. Well, on Saturday our washing machine broke and we have had to replace it. And the cost of a new machine? Yup, that’s right. Our wages/holiday pot has been wiped out with replacing it. The money we had wasn’t an awful lot to start with, but even the £300 that we did have would have meant the difference to going away and having some rest and refreshment and having to stay at home. I am upset about the holiday – of course I am! – but I am so glad that we had the option there in the first place because I dread to think what we would have done if we hadn’t.

Around the house… Kevin has started papering the landing today after about 6 weeks of preparation in his spare time and waiting for the paint to (finally) go hard enough for him to stand on the bannisters to reach the ceiling. The rest of the house is still in need of a bit of a clean that it has been waiting for while I have been studying for my exam.

I am pondering… which kidney to sell to make some money. I need clothes (desperately), we need to replace the bed, I would LOVE a holiday, I am desperate for a hair cut, and some food shopping would be nice. Sigh…

A favourite quote for today:… “The Sovereign Lord is my strength; he makes my feet like the feet of a deer, he enables me to tread on the heights.” Habbakuk 3:19.

It’s a great quote and something I need to be reminded of now and again.

One of my favourite things… is having both my children under my roof for the night.

A few plans for the rest of the week: invigilating tomorrow morning, Tuesday afternoon, Thursday afternoon and Friday morning; band rehearsal in Huddersfield tomorrow night; Whit Friday on Friday night in Saddleworth (either spectating on the Huddersfield coach, playing with Huddersfield or spectating in Delph or Greenfield) and a band concert next Sunday in Burnley.

A peek into my day… 

bamburgh castle
This is Bamburgh Castle on the Northumberland coast, and it’s where I want to go on holiday this summer in our little caravan. I’ve been dreaming about being here – the whole area is loaded with spirituality and a sense of peace, and as you can see from this photograph it is rather special at sunrise too. To say it is beautiful is to understate the drama and the sense of wonder about the place. It has been on my mind a lot today, partly because of the fact that our holiday money has just gone on replacing the washing machine, and partly because I seem to be surrounded by people who can just put their hand in their pocket and go out and simply DO stuff – meals out, weekends away, holidays on the coast. Bamburgh and Northumberland seem an awful long way away at the moment but for now, this photo will do until I can get there myself and take my own pictures. Maybe not at sunrise though…I draw the line at that!



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6 thoughts on “Daybook Entry – 8th June 2014”

  1. I went on an overnight trip with National Holidays, where we passed that castle. We spent time in the beautiful Durham Cathedral, home to the remains of Bede, Cuthbert and King Oswald’s head (!) and also Lindisfarne/Holy Island. Consider that coaching firm if you want a little break-they are good value. I’ve been to Fort William, Isle of Bute and other places with them.


    1. Thanks for the heads up Andy, that’s lovely! I have been to Fort William a couple of times now and I’d love to go back again. Might even attempt a little stroll up Ben Nevis too one day…!


  2. Thanks for sharing, Pam. There is so much history around you. It’s great you can look forward to another lovely holiday. I hope it won’t be too long before you can have this lovely holiday.
    I also hope you did have a bit more quality sleep. Do you take any pain killers? I got Penadol Osteo prescribed by my doctor. These seem to be working quite well for me. I am allowed to take 3 x two tablets per day. But since I had my Carpal Release operation I don’t need to take that many any more. When I try to get by without any tablets my mobility seems to suffer. It’s some osteoarthritis pain that does this to me. But I try to take less tablets now.


    1. Oh my word I know what you mean about balancing tablets with functioning! With me, I have to balance taking enough painkillers to enable me to get things done, but I can’t take enough to ever remove the pain altogether because I can’t concentrate and keep falling asleep if I do! I guess you are in a similar situation with balancing mobility problems with having enough of the drugs to help you without making you ill. Tsk… it’s horrible isn’t it?! I feel for you, I really do. And as you are heading to Winter too it must be worse for you. Roll on the Spring and the warmer weather down under!


      1. As far as I am concerned it definitely feels like winter already. Australians say anyway winter starts on the 1st of June! In my experience June is our coldest month.
        I am sorry, Pam, that even with painkillers you can still feel some pain. I hope you don’t have to miss out on revitalising sleep too often. I sleep overall quite enough, I think. In summer usually only six to seven hours, but in winter it is more like seven to eight hours.


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