Daybook Entry 22nd June



Outside my window… my beautiful green, lush garden is bathing in glorious sunshine and I am feeling lucky to be alive.

I am thinking… that even though I am lucky to be alive, this headache from hell which has hung around since Friday night has hung around long enough now and I wish it would do one and disappear!

I am thankful… that this weekend has gone better than expected. I was anticipating it to be a disaster in certain areas but I am so glad we sailed through the choppy waters and have reached the shore.

In the kitchen… are the leftover fairy cakes I made for Messy Church yesterday and which I forgot to take to church this morning, and are now going to be heading to Stay and Play in the morning.

I am wearing… shorts and t-shirt. It’s a bit warm today!

I am creating… my crocheted cardigan is almost finished and I can’t wait to be able to wear it. It has been a bit of a labour of love but it’s shaping up nicely.

I am going… to go for a bike ride tomorrow.

I am wondering… how my Mum and Dad got on down at my brother’s house this weekend. They have been looking after my two nieces as both my brother and my sister-in-law were working away this weekend so grandma and granddad have been to the rescue. I know my Dad loves reading to them and playing daft games with them, and he said they were going to a wildlife sanctuary yesterday so it would seem that no matter what the weather was like they will have had a good time.

I am reading… “Secrets of the Sea House” by Elizabeth Gifford.

I am hoping… for a financial miracle soon. But then again, aren’t we all?!

I am praying for… my mother- and father-in-law who have multiple health problems; my friend Rita who is finally on the right side of chemotherapy; my husband who is struggling with a few things at the moment; my family.

I am looking forward to… trying out some photography experiments when we go on holiday.

I am learning… how to do some new photography techniques to take on holiday with me

Around the house… we have a half decorated landing and staircase, a quite tidy living room, a clean bathroom and kitchen and a messy hallway. All in all, it’s quite normal really.

I am pondering… cheese on toast, or cheese and crackers?

A favourite quote for today:

One of my favourite things… is looking out onto my sun-soaked garden.

A few plans for the rest of the week: Stay and Play tomorrow morning, bike ride in the afternoon and then…….the world’s my oyster.

A peek into my day… got up at 7am, went to open up church for our early morning service at 8am, attended the service which was in a very old and archaic language and which skipped about all over the place in the prayer book but was a different experience and not altogether a bad one, then I locked up church while that congregation left and before the next congregation arrived and got the service slides and hymns ready, put the numbers up, folded 30 service sheets for Thursday and opened up church again, did all the audio-visual stuff for the service at 11am, administered communion, cleared away the AV stuff after the service then went straight home so that we could go to a family lunch for my father-in-law’s birthday. Got to the restaurant at 1pm, met the family, had lunch, went back to their house for cake and photographs (it was his 80th birthday) and then headed back home. Fell asleep watching the football and woke up with this headache that has been murdering me since Friday being ratcheted up a notch and is now hurting the whole of my face and neck. It’s been a busy one today and I’m looking forward to going to bed!!


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