Experimental Photography

One of the things I am looking forward to this summer is going on holiday to the north-east and spending some time on the beach at Bamburgh with my camera. Bit by bit over the years I have been adding to my photography knowledge, and I have long been fascinated by landscapes and time lapse photographs. I really want to do some whilst on holiday so I have been teaching myself a few new techniques recently.

Here is a video I produced today, using photographs I took in my own back garden. My learning curve has been not so much “steep” as “downright vertical” this week!!

The images were shot on my trusty Nikon D40 and I took 480 pictures at 3-second intervals. I then ran the images through Windows Movie Maker at a rate of 24 frames per second, giving a 20 second video of the clouds forming over my house at tea time.

I have really enjoyed producing this one, and now I know what I’m doing (mostly) I am looking forward to doing more in the very near future.



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