Fare Share


This is me earlier today at our local Tesco helping out with their “Fare Share” appeal. It’s an appeal for foods to be redistributed to local charities, such as homeless shelters, food banks etc and I was very proud to do a two-hour shift with my mum and another lady from my church in publicising it and encouraging shoppers to help out.

What humbled me was the fact that it was sometimes the least likely people who were the most generous and who donated 5 trolleys worth of food while we were there this afternoon. One woman summed it up for me as she handed over half a dozen bags of shopping and said “I’d hate to be in a position where I couldn’t feed my kids “.
I know what she means, and I think there are more people than we realise who are treading that very fine line separating the “haves” and the “haven’t enoughs” in our community.

If you’re going shopping this weekend why not bib along to Tesco and see if you can donate to their cause?


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