Northumberland Holiday, Part 3

Today we visited the Holy Island of Lindisfarne, making the crossing across the causeway with literally minutes to spare!

We have been there a couple of times before and each time we go we manage to see something different or to have a different experience of it. This time was no exception because we visited the oft photographed castle at the end of the island. It was a garrison from around 1500 and a coastguard lookout post until the turn of the 20th century when it was bought by an Edwardian gentleman who converted into a holiday home with the help of his friend Edwin Lutyens, who also designed the cenotaph in Whitehall in London.

We also visited the ruins of the abbey, founded as a monastic site of contemplation by St Cuthbert in the 7th Century. I managed to do a little sketching while the others toured the site, which was lovely and peaceful to enjoy.


Here is my mum and dad in front of the recognisable ruins of the abbey, with a newly commissioned statue to St Cuthbert in the background.


And here is the statue in close up. I love the juxtaposition of the ancient and modern in this picture. A tale of modern Christianity of ever there was one.

We are currently sitting out a storm and we are having to shout to each other to be heard over the noise of the rain on our caravan awning roof. Don’t you just love the Great British weather?!!


3 thoughts on “Northumberland Holiday, Part 3”

  1. I do-really. I’d live to be in a caravan with the wind howling outside. Swap you?
    When I went to Lindisfarne I never got to go into the church there as there was a service on. It was Easter Sunday after all


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