Daybook Entry – 29th August


Outside my window… it is dark and windy. Rain is lashing the window panes and I am listening to the gutter overflowing past my bedroom window.

I am thinking… that it is a good time to be tucked up in bed!

I am thankful… that my bed is so comfy.

In the kitchen… is my airing rack with Ethan’s bedroom rug drying on it. It was handmade by his grandparents and is very thick wool, which is a nightmare to dry and takes a couple of days to do so. It has already been moved about half a dozen times in the last two days to capture the moving warm spots in the house.

I am wearing… I’m ready for bed so my sleep t-shirt and shorts.

I am creating… stock for a craft stall I am doing in about 6 weeks’ time. I am building up a supply of kiddies hats, cot blankets and small toys/key rings etc.

I am going… to conduct another performance by the Todmorden Community Brass Band tomorrow at Dobroyd Castle. I’m looking forward to it really. We have a great band at the moment and we are having a fab time in rehearsals which spills over into our performances. We’re providing background music tomorrow which is nice as I don’t have to think of any jokes to tell the audience!

I am wondering… what Terry the Terrapin is thinking most of the day. Is he happy? Is he bored? Does he dream of a life outside the aquarium? Does he recognise me because I’m the one who feeds him? Does he ever wish there was a Mrs Terry to play with?

I am reading… I am between novels at the minute but I have decided to make an effort to get through Milton’s Paradise Lost. I’m making headway and even though the language is antiquated and a bit heavy going, it’s surprisingly readable once you get into its rhythm.

I am hoping… I can earn some money from my craft stall. If this one is successful I’m hoping to repeat it before Christmas too.

I am praying for… I am giving thanks for Rita’s continuing recovery; I am praying for healing for my friend Jane who is going through chemo after a mastectomy; things are financially difficult for us at the moment so my prayers are for my little family, that we can weather this storm and God will look after us.

I am looking forward to… a time when I can earn properly again.

I am learning… my instincts about someone have been correct all this time, and whilst I have always made allowances and tried to explain/excuse their behaviour and attitude as being down to other things, all along the truth about them has been there in my face and I should have trusted my instinct about them.

Around the house… is evidence of my extensive crocheting this week. Plastic boxes of yarn which are usually stacked neatly and out of sight are out for easy access, and the big box of stuffing I have for my toy filling is also out because I have made a few owls this week. Oh yes, and the little tail ends of yarn where I’ve snipped off the ends are ALL OVER the place. They stick to socks and everything so end up in the weirdest places…

I am pondering… how to go about marketing my craft stuff so that I can make some money but don’t overwhelm myself in the process.

A favourite quote for today: “I quite liked the music we played tonight, especially that Coronation Chicken” (from my friend Gill whose auto correct on her phone is almost as bad as mine and didn’t recognise “Coronation Scot” haha!)

One of my favourite things… is the sound of brass, especially playing hymn tunes.

A few plans for the rest of the next few days: gig tomorrow, church Sunday, back to school shopping for Ethan’s uniform and school supplies Monday or Tuesday, more crocheting and more reading.

A peek into my day… we played this tonight at band (see Gill’s text message above). This is a professional orchestra playing it and we are a community brass band, but this is Coronation Scot for you:



Come and join us at and join in!!


2 thoughts on “Daybook Entry – 29th August”

  1. As always, Pam, I liked to read your Daybook Entry. It shows what a busy and enterprising person you are and nothing can stop you for very long.
    After nearly two weeks of rain our airing rack ended up in our heated living room, Yes, some things take quite a while to dry.
    I am sure Terry would love another Terrapin as a companion! Are they very expensive?
    Best wishes, Uta 🙂


  2. I love auto correct. I’m so glad I made you giggle a little – that’s what friends are for and laughter makes the day seem just that little easier 🙂


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