Tis The Night Before

keep calmIt is the night before my Big Day tomorrow, where I take my first class on my own as a cover supervisor. To say that I am nervous is a bit of an understatement! I have had precisely two and a half hours of induction, where I was shown the ropes by the school’s resident (and quickly approaching retirement) cover supervisor, who was about as enthusiastic about it as she would have been had she been asked to parade naked round the tennis courts  at midwinter.

Actually, once she warmed up to me she was ok, and she gave me lots of tips about how to handle the children and what to do on the computer in terms of rewards for them. She has a lot of experience with them so if she says “do this”, I’m going to do it. Especially when it comes to calming them down in the lesson after lunch!

I have managed to log into the system tonight and I can see which classes I’ve got tomorrow and my nerves are not helped by the fact that my first solo lesson is going to be….dan dan darrrrr…..Spanish! Yep that’s right, my first time setting a class off with a load of work (set by a professional teacher I hasten to add) isn’t even in English. Oh boy oh boy, talk about in at the deep end!

I’m actually quite excited about tomorrow, which after the horrible time we’re experiencing as a family just now is something of an achievement in its own right. I have been wavering between resentment and fear about doing this all this week, and my health hasn’t exactly been on the right track either, which has added to my stress levels no end. You may know that I am studying for my degree just now, and it is possible that once I have graduated I will sign up for teacher training. My degree is a mixture of English and History subjects, so I could teach either of those subjects if I decide to follow that route. I may not yet, but my experience as a cover supervisor will certainly help when it comes to classroom management if I do. There’s an awful lot more to teaching than most people realise, and as a cover supervisor I’ll only see a fraction of it, but it’s all experience with children and it all counts.

So. My clothes are all ironed ready for morning, I have had a shower and washed my hair and my bag is sat ready for me to just pick up in the morning and I’m heading off for some lie-down time before the alarm goes off at work o’clock tomorrow. I say that because I know for sure I won’t actually sleep

Buenos noches, buonanotte, bonsoir, Gute Nacht, boa noite, hyvää yötä, спокойной ночи, good night.

(Sorry, just practicing for tomorrow!)





7 thoughts on “Tis The Night Before”

  1. I was lost when I began reading your post but then I think I figured it out — cover supervisor in England is what we call substitute teacher in the US? Wishing you the best. I did subbing after 4 years of regular teaching and some times I loved not having prep work but other times there were classes that put me through the wringer. So be kind to yourself regarding any tricky experiences. Your experiences as a mother and having conducted ensembles will help a great deal.


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