I Fell In Love Today

loveI met a very special lady today and I fell in love with her the second our eyes met. Yes, folks, love at first sight really does exist.

The special person I met is a newborn baby girl, born to parents at my church last weekend. Her name is Thea, and you know when you meet someone special you just know it? There’s no rhyme or reason to it, you just know that this person is going to be a significant person? Well, Thea is one of those people. She oozes an aura of “special” and I am not alone in recognising it.

Her parents brought her into church this morning, and she was wide-eyed in her pram throughout the whole service and during coffee afterwards. Her Daddy took her to the front of church to meet the congregation and for us to pray for her and she just gazed over his shoulder at us all the while.

There is something about her that just strikes me as being special. I made the comment to her Mummy that she is an “old soul”, a phrase that I have used before and have heard now and again spoken about other children, and in Thea’s case it really does seem that she has been here before. It might sound a bit of a strange thing to say, especially given that there is nothing in Christian teaching that tells us about souls having an age, or whether people are reincarnated or anything, but there are people walking this Earth who are wise beyond their years, and I believe Thea is one of those people.

I had a cuddle with her after the service and even at eight days old, she was keen and alert, mimicking my mouth shapes as I was talking to her. It was as if we were having a conversation already! I was rewarded with the biggest grin from her too, which as you will probably know, is highly unusual in babies so young.

All babies are special, and all babies are beautiful God-given blessings to us, but every now and again there comes along one so special that they are impossible not to love. I met one of those children today and yes, I fell in love with her. She is going to be a joy to watch grow and develop in the coming years.

God bless you Thea.



2 thoughts on “I Fell In Love Today”

  1. I love the smell of new babies. Our most recent friends new born is three though …. Have to make some new friends, preferably pregnant ones. 🙂


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