I’ve had a rather productive day today, despite a very ropey start.

When I woke up I was full of the lurgy – pains in my head, that woody bit behind my ears was aching, my glands under my jaw were like golf balls and my eyes felt like they were trying to escape their restraints – so it was a bit of a slow morning for me. But once I got going WOW I got a lot done!

Before I’d even got out of bed I’d had an online argument with the EDL and some idiots on the Manchester Evening News website (don’t get me started on knuckle-dragging, short-sighted and narrow minded people that exist in our country), and once I was up I sorted out all the laundry (can someone explain to me how three people can generate an overflowing basket of washing in three days please? I only emptied it on Sunday!), stripped our bed and got the first of four loads on. Downstairs, I cleaned the whole kitchen, got rid of the bits of washing up that has been hanging around and the detritus on the worktop, and I bleached all round the sink, the cooker, the floor, the bin and all round the hall and the front door. Everything downstairs got swept, mopped or otherwise pummelled into being clean…and then I had my breakfast.

OK, OK, OK, it was gone midday by this time but wasn’t I good?! I needed to clean out the aquarium today too, but I can’t manage that all on my own so I took out half of Terry’s water and replaced it with clean by way of syphoning and scooping out in a pot. I should have taken him out first, but when I tried to pick him up he hissed at me (yes, really. Terrapins hiss!) and he ran away from me to hide under his basking platform. Grrr little swine…talk about making life harder. Anyway, he’s relatively clean now and has some nicely aerated water to swim about it again.

DSC_0732 (1)

On to the afternoon and after a quick stop for a brew and something to eat with my bestie I hit my study books. Washing machine still whirring away and now the dryer and the airer full too, I tackled my Inside Music work for the OU which I had been putting off. I had allowed myself two sessions this week to do the work I needed to this week and I am really pleased that not only did I finish it ALL today but I managed to get ahead on next week’s work too. Woohoo!

I took a couple of breaks from studying during the afternoon and kept up the swapping of laundry from machine to airer etc, and of course kept myself thoroughly soaked in tea. Lovely jubbly.

Before tea, I remade the bed and started on a creative writing piece for my first assignment which is due next week. After tea I did some crocheting and managed to make a big headway on the last of the blankets I have been asked for.

I feel quite accomplished today, which is a very pleasant change from the way things have been recently. As you know, things have been very difficult in all kinds of ways which has naturally had an impact on my mood and my buoyancy. I wouldn’t say that things are back to normal, but today was a chink of light in an otherwise gloomy situation.

For those of you who have been praying for my family and in particular my mother-in-law I want to thank you once again. She was a little brighter yesterday and was able to make herself understood more easily than in the previous days, but she is still very poorly and largely immobile. She cannot swallow fluids safely so as well as pureed food she now has thickened fluids so she doesn’t aspirate them which is both a choking and an infection hazard. I visited her for a couple of hours yesterday afternoon with Emma and we gave her a mini-manicure which she seemed to enjoy. Kevin visited her today but she was asleep and he didn’t want to disturb her so only stayed for half an hour. I’ll be going again tomorrow and will let you know she is faring after then.



5 thoughts on “Productivity”

  1. Feel for you and your family. Dads out of short term care on Monday so Mum will be making some big decisions soon.
    Always interested to read about your OU work.


    1. Thanks Dave. I don’t envy you and the decisions your family are facing about your dad. Short term respite care is entirely different to permanent residency and it can’t be easy making that move.


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