Potiphar’s Wife

We had another fantastic study evening this evening at my church and we looked at Genesis 39, Potiphar’s wife and her attempted seduction of Joseph.

We talked a lot about temptation, and how must it have felt to be in each of the three protagonists’s shoes. What was Potiphar’s wife like? Was she really a bored housewife, a “Stepford Wife” of the day? What was she doing trying to seduce the staff? Was he the first?

And what about Potiphar? He went off to work each day leaving the care of his household in the hands of his most trusted servant Joseph, yet when he came home one day to the accusation from his wife that Joseph had tried “to have sport with her” (I love that coy euphemism!). How did he feel to know that he had been betrayed? On the face of it by Joseph (although he was innocent of the crime he was accused of), but really, he was betrayed by his wife too.

And poor old Joseph…yet again he was on the wrong end of the muddy stick!

The discussion focussed on temptation, and how we face temptation in our own daily lives. We talked about the differences between ourselves and Joseph – do we behave as he did and run away from temptation (even though it might land us in deeper trouble), or do we skirt it and still avoid it, or do we give in to it?

As ever, we ended up talking about music – and we enjoy singing a hymn or two (or three) – and tonight was no exception.

The Potiphar’s wife/Joseph story brought to mind Andrew Lloyd Webber’s fantastic musical, and to satisfy the itch I couldn’t scratch at the time, here’s a version of “that” song. Enjoy!



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