Daybook Entry – 20th November

021114_2314_DaybookEntr1.jpgFOR TODAY
Outside my window… Oh boy, Winter is giving is a warning call! The temperature has literally halved overnight from last night and tonight we are looking at freezing fog out there. I am not complaining though and my thoughts are very much on the tonnes and tonnes of snow which is falling in the USA at the moment and the people who are suffering because of it.

I am thinking… about how even when you are side by side with someone and spilling out your guts to them about your innermost fears and worries they just don’t get it.

I am thankful… for the fellowship of my church friends tonight.

In the kitchen… Ethan made our tea tonight! Chicken, chips, tomatoes and corn. Lovely.

I am wearing… my heart on my sleeve. It’s not a good look.

I am creating… lots and lots of passages of writing from my course, and I have begun to write a song this week. Yup, a song. That’s something new for the Pamster to do!

I am going… to be cutting out the component parts for 60 Advent Wreaths tomorrow for Messy Church on Saturday. Like ya do…

I am wondering… how I’m going to get through the next couple of weeks. The family calendar is absolutely jam-packed with commitments right up to and including Christmas Day. You’ll know from previous years that we do actually cope quite well with pre-Christmas engagements, but this year is different because of our tight circumstances, which is affecting our ability to be cheerful about it. On top of that, I’m very worried – genuinely – that I am going to forget something. I have to keep reminding myself what day it is at the minute, which is not something that inspires confidence for the coming weeks.

I am reading… “Adam and Eve and Pinch Me” by Ruth Rendell. It’s a dark psychological thriller and is turning out to be a really good read. Look out for the book review in a few days!

I am hoping… my son’s chesty cough starts shifting soon. He has asthma and when his chest gets congested it really affects his breathing, which is worrying in its own right, but he has got his GSCE Mocks next week, and is sitting his Grade 5 Bass Trombone on Monday too. He obviously needs to be able to breathe properly for that.

I am praying for… Barbara who is on the verge of needed full time care after a series of falls in her home; Paula who is in hospital tonight; my mother-in-law who is very, very weak and still in hospital; my cousin Laura who is having a tough time at the minute; my daughter Emma who has had some disappointing news today.

I am looking forward to… Boxing Day. Seriously.

I am learning… lots about music, and lots about my ability to write fiction.

Around the house… ah, the house. Bless it’s little cotton socks. The house is looking a little bit unloved at the minute. Between them, my husband and my Dad are getting the hall and stairs ready for decorating and there have been some repairs needed before they can move the project along. There is no paper on the walls and there is bare plaster showing. My Dad had a lovely afternoon with a bucketful of filler making good all the little holes in the walls that were made by the previous owners and their numerous pictures, shelves, hooks and screws etc. It actually looked like there had been a gunfight in there when they got the old paper off – shotgun holes all over the place! Because of all the bare plaster there is dust, dust, dust and more dust over EVERYTHING, and all the bits and pieces from the hall have been moved elsewhere in the house, making it all unusable and cluttered as well dusty. Deep joy.

I am pondering… whether or not to flog a kidney and swan off to the Caribbean for six months on the proceeds.

A favourite quote for today: 


One of my favourite things… is watching squirrels eating nuts on my bird feeder in the garden.

A few plans for the rest of the week: band tomorrow, Messy Church on Saturday, Sunday Church on Sunday where we will be baptising Rufus, Stay and Play on Monday.

A peek into my day… These two photos tell a little bit of the story of my hallway. The first is my husband trying to sort out some wiring, and the second is my Dad trying to sort out my husband’s “sorting out” of the same said wiring.




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