You’ll never believe it…

You know me, things don’t go well for much of the time, and this week has not been any different. Why would it?!

dog ice packI have been feeling a little unwell this week; I have not been able to see properly because my eyes have been sore and “gammy” (meaning a bit gummed up, a bit achey, a bit sticky…you know what I mean) and I have not been able to concentrate because of an on-off headache. I have been burning up with a temperature (no, not hot flushes as I initially thought!) and I have been falling asleep literally at the drop of a hat through the day and early evenings. Different story at night, but hey ho, this is me, Mrs Insomnia.

Today I have been sore and achey, my eyes have been worse and I have developed a series of lumps and bumps inside my mouth making it sore to swallow. I fell asleep at teatime for an hour which is unusual for me but typical of this week, and when I woke up I felt like I’d been run over. I had a study group at church to lead tonight and I managed to get myself dosed up on paracetamol and codeine to get through it and it was a really good night – lots of singing and laughing and great fellowship with my church family – but I developed a pain behind my ear as the evening went on which got really uncomfortable on top of the rest of my symptoms. I have really sensitive skin on my face and scalp now too, which when you add it all together tells me I have got the edges of a virus or something. I’m ok, not desperately ill or anything, just miserable and mard really.

The reason I’m telling you this? I’ve just read on Facebook that one of the little girls I was playing with and cuddling on Monday morning at the toddler group has broken out in Chicken Pox today. Oh boy….is my virus/illness because I’ve picked up her bug too? I have had chicken pox twice already (once as a child and once as an adult) so I doubt I will develop the virus fully, but it certainly feels like I have the fringes of it going on at the minute.

I feel sorry for the little 2 year old who has developed the pox today and my heart goes out to her. I just wish that she hasn’t taken our lessons about “sharing” quite so literally!!

Oh, and just in case you weren’t already moved by my mardness, have a look at this picture. I caught my finger whilst putting my jeans on earlier and ripped the top off my fingernail on one of the rivets on the pocket. Yeah…mardy Pamster strikes again! (Apologies for the poor photography skills but I took it with my left hand)



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