Missing In Action…!

Oh wow. What a busy week I’ve had! I am sorry I haven’t posted in a while but things have been so madly busy and involved that I have had to prioritise my time and I haven’t been able to post on her for a little bit. I received a very thoughtful comment from one of my bloggy friends today and I realised I ought to update you on what has been happening so you can see what has been on my plate recently (thank you viviellevirgule).

Let’s take things one at a time:

Family – there has been a little bit of illness in the house, with Ethan succumbing to the flu bug just after he played his debut solo with Todmorden Band on Friday night. Sadly, he had a rehearsal on Saturday morning, a Christmas Lights Switch On function at tea time and a concert that evening, followed by another concert tonight this weekend so he’s currently dosed up and tucked up in bed. Me myself and I managed to knock myself out last Sunday by banging my head on a door after church. I have spent the week feeling the repercussions from concussion (see what I did there?!) and only started feeling “normal” again yesterday morning. Kevin has been decorating our house and has got as far as putting the gloss paint on the stair spindles this week, but because of all the running about we have had with Ethan and various concerts through the week this week he has only ever been able to do it in bits and bobs, so the house is still in uproar with misplaced furniture all over the place. We had a joyous hour or so recording the three of us (Kevin, Ethan and myself) playing some carols on Wednesday evening because we are supporting the Salvation Army Christmas Carol Challenge. If you would like to see our finished product, I’ve posted the link here:

Music – Ethan has had 8 concerts since last Sunday; I have conducted 2 (one concert, one Christmas Lights switch on engagement for the town Mayor); Kevin has played in both of those, and all three of us did some recording. I have re-arranged White Christmas for Friday night’s concert because we needed it at the lights switch on but we only found out after our last rehearsal. I had to take a chance that a) the arrangement worked and b) the band could sight-read it! (It did, and they did). Kevin and I spent a very happy three and a half hours on Tuesday putting together a video for use in church for the Christmas song “Thorns in the straw”, which is lovely but very tricky to get the subtitles onto.

Work – I have been working every day this week, which is unusual. I usually only ever get the odd couple of hours here and there but there have been mock exams this week so I have been in every day. Which is great, but it has meant that I’ve been under time pressure to make sure that we have had food available at the right times, uniforms ironed and clean etc as well as trying to keep up with…

Studying – I have had to put aside my Creative Writing coursework for a little while because I have not had the time to put into it. I have got an assignment due for Inside Music this coming Tuesday, which has involved a lot of listening and analysing of music and it is very time consuming. I have got it about 80% done, but very little time before Tuesday to get it done because…

Church – I’ve saved the best til last! I delivered my very first sermon to my “home” church today and I took a lot of care and attention into getting it prepared this week. It was on the theme of “Give us today our daily bread” and I might post the text tomorrow, but for now here is a photo of my initial mind-map which I then worked up into notes, and then a sermon proper.


We have done Experience Christmas this week with the local school children, and I was disappointed that I could only do one session with them after work one day. I will be delivering an assembly with a colleague from church tomorrow lunchtime to a local primary school in our area. We are in the early stages of building bridges with this school so it’s a bit of a pressured one to do, but I’m looking forward to it. We will be taking the Christmas story to them and I can’t wait to see how we get on with them.

A few other bits and pieces to share with you:

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So, all in all, it has been lots of work, lots of study, lots of running about getting to various concerts, rehearsals and engagements with Ethan’s band and our own, lots of preparation for sermons, lots of housework and ironing of uniforms and not a lot of sleep. Oh yes, and all with concussion!

The coming week is almost as busy and it includes Ethan’s college interview so no pressure THERE then….! Phew, roll on Boxing Day please.


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