Daybook Entry – 14th December

021114_2314_DaybookEntr1.jpgFOR TODAY

Outside my window… it is dark and miserable. Rain, cold, foggy, miserable miserable miserable

I am thinking…that the worst is over now in terms of commitment this Christmas and I can start to think about family and home stuff now. There is still quite a  bit to do, but the main bit is over. I think!

I am thankful… there was cheese in the fridge tonight.

In the kitchen… I made a lot of soup yesterday for our Christmas Fair at church and there was a few portions left over, which have made their way into my freezer. My boys had some left over bacon and lentil soup for tea tonight. It smelled delicious!

I am wearing… grey t-shirt and grey slack trackies. Comfy.

I am creating… sadly not very much at the minute. I would like to be creating crocheted gifts for Christmas, cards, table decorations, greetings cards etc for Christmas, and I really need to indulge in some writing too.

I am going… to bed very soon. It has been a MAMMOTH few days and I need my sleep.

I am wondering… whether my wages will go into my bank tomorrow as they should or will they go awry again.

I am reading… “The Peculiar Life of a Lonely Postman” by Denis Theriaux

I am hoping… it snows soon. I’m fed up of the forecast promising us snow but all we’ve got is rain, rain and more rain.

I am praying for… Rita and David, Emma, Doreen, Eddie, my Dad, and those for whom Christmas is the worst time of the year for whatever reason.

I am looking forward to… some family time over Christmas.

I am learning… that my body can’t take the punishment it used to.

Around the house… it’s still messy and in desperate need of a clean before we can decorate for Christmas.

I am pondering… what to buy for Christmas for my family. Money is tight and so is time so it is difficult to say the least.

A favourite quote for today… “Happiness is different from joy. Happiness is fleeting and depends on circumstances; joy is much deeper than that” (Thank you Eddie)

One of my favourite things… is sleep.

A few plans for the rest of the week: Tots Christmas Party tomorrow morning, shopping with Kevin in the afternoon, concert with Ethan tomorrow night; Tuesday concert for Ethan; Wednesday Emma is having an operation so will be staying with us for a few days; Thursday NO PLANS!!!!!!!; Friday funeral for a dear old man who I have known all my life and who brought me communion while I was in hospital a few years ago – Vale Ernie Armsbey.

A peek into my day:

Now I know Christmas is just around the corner!



4 thoughts on “Daybook Entry – 14th December”

  1. You can add my prayers to yours, and my thanks because after reading about your busy day, I know just how thankful I should be for the peace and tranquility around here. You are definitely a much stronger person than I, or at least more determined. Lol.


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