Everybody’s family is unique, and mine is no different. We have been together more this past week than usual and it has been great fun for me to entertain my brother’s two children while has had an overseas gig for new year.

I have two brothers, both younger than me, and they each have two children. One of them lives close to me and I see his children (aged 15 and 13) quite regularly but my other brother lives away from me, so it is usually months and months in between times I see him and his family. It is this brother who has been away, and his two girls (aged 11 and 8) have been staying with my Mum and Dad round the corner. They have spent a lot of time round at my house too, which has been fantastic, especially when my other brother’s children have been here too, like today.

At various points today I have had five children and six adults in my little house – tight squeeze! The littlest kid is my god-daughter Ella, who at 8 years old is the youngest as well as the littlest. She can more than hold her own in the company of the teenagers though. She’s a smart cookie and loves it when we tease her because she either plays along or gives as good as she gets. Here is Ella in my favourite chair – my rocking chair – and she was…ahem….”sleeping”….



Looks cosy doesn’t she?!

My brother and his wife collected their little ‘uns and have headed off home now and the house feels strangely empty without hordes of gannets loads of kids being here. I loved it earlier when they were all playing and I think they liked it too. Well, here is the remains of one of the boxes of chocolates they went through like a plague of locusts, so you tell me!



Love my family I do. I just wish we all lived a bit closer together so we could see more of each other and spend more time together. I’m sure the kids would love it, and I know for certain that I would too.



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