Daybook Entry – 11th January 2015

021114_2314_DaybookEntr1.jpgFOR TODAY

Outside my window… disappointingly, no snow. We were promised/threatened snow this weekend and it has failed to materialise. Not only that, but the light zephyr that battered my house on Friday night and last night is nothing like the Armageddon-like weather we were told to look out for. In future, I’m going to ignore the professional weather forecasts and just get one of these for my garden:



I am thinking… that I may found a clue to what is wrong with my health AT LAST!

I am thankful… for so many things, but today especially I am thankful for the extra two big squishy pillows on my bed.

In the kitchen… we had a roast chicken breast, roast potatoes, steamed veg, Yorkshire puddings and gravy for tea tonight. Who said Sunday wasn’t all about grub?!

I am wearing… shorts and a vest. I’m ready for bed.

I am creating… loads and loads of bits of writing. Exercises, bits of poetry, story plans, storyline outlines, notes, character portraits…lots going on in my writing notebook at the minute.

I am going… to be having a very busy week this week. I have not yet caught up with all my studies from December so am still chasing my tail there as well as trying to get ahead so I can concentrate on my next music assignment. It’s all go!

I am wondering… how my mother in law is doing tonight. As you may know, she is in the final stages of Parkinson’s Disease and has been taken back into hospital again today with a chest infection. She has been looked after at home by teams of carers, and I don’t understand how and why that is possible. Her nursing needs as well as her personal care needs are so much that it is far better for her to be in a professionally medical environment, so we’ll see how things go in the next few days. She has almost no muscle control now, so things like speaking and swallowing are now lost to her. She can’t move her arms and legs and her face is more or less paralysed too, so she needs specialist equipment like an air bed and lifting equipment in the house, as well as the carers who come in four times each day to wash her, feed her and check up on her. Now she has developed a chest infection she will have to be treated in hospital, but the future does not look encouraging. The discussion and decision about potential resuscitation was made today too which has been a sensible but extremely difficult thing to talk about in the family.

I am praying for… obviously my mother in law, but also my father in law tonight. He suffers an array of health problems himself, including loss of mental faculties and there is no telling how the latest change in circumstances will affect him too. In the wider world, my prayers are for those lost to terrorist acts this week wherever they were.

I am reading… “Die Again” by Tess Gerritsen

I am hoping… I remember all the details of where I’m supposed to be this week. There’s a lot to get my head round!

I am looking forward to… studying tomorrow.

I am learning… how to tap into my hidden depths.

Around the house… there is not a clothe that remains un-ironed today. I have done all the ironing this afternoon – all FOUR HOURS of it. Shirts, uniforms, t-shirts, jeans, tops, trousers, hankies…..all done yeehaa!

I am pondering… how we can raise the finance to go away for a few days at half term. It might not happen – it probably WON’T happen – but it’s nice to ponder on it.

A favourite quote for today… 



One of my favourite things… is my Midsummer’s Night Yankee Candle which was a Christmas present from my daughter, and which gets lit in my bedroom when I’m reading in the peacefulness of that pre-bedtime hour.

A few plans for the rest of the week: Stay and Play in the morning, baptism preparation in the evening tomorrow, discussion on Wednesday with the bishop’s representative about a project I’m involved with, band committee meeting Wednesday evening, Ethan’s college interview Wednesday evening (busy day Wednesday!), healing service on Thursday and band on Friday. In between times I will be studying music, studying writing, writing music and writing writing.

A peek into my day…

This is a snapshot of my studying yesterday. I was struggling with a harmony exercise - it has been a long time since I last did this and I didn't understand it altogether back in the day so now, with my elderly head on, it's really really hard!!
This is a snapshot of my studying yesterday. I was struggling with a harmony exercise – it has been a long time since I last did this and I didn’t understand it altogether back in the day so now, with my elderly head on, it’s really really hard!!




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