Blessings: The Update

You may know from yesterday’s post that I had a bit of a difficult day yesterday, and part of the difficulty was due to a sudden onset weird sore throat. The update is that I have been extremely ill today with it too. I don’t usually suffer with sore throats – don’t get me wrong, I do get them and I do get them quite severely from time to time, with spots and plaques on my tonsils and the whole malarkey – but I have only ever been this ill with it once before and that was probably about 8 or 9 years ago now.

I won’t bore you with the details, but if you can imagine a body riddled with flu pains (and I do mean RIDDLED) and a throat that has all but closed up with swollen tonsils which even swallowing my own spit is like gargling razor blades then you’re just about there with how I’ve been today.

I have spent the day today lying down and alternately crying or sleeping (yes, I am a mardy arse) and I have just tried to take two cocodamol tablets for my temperature and the pain, couldn’t get them down and so choked on them and made a mess on the duvet. Not good!

So here are today’s blessings:

1. My Dad brought me some Strepsils and they have helped a little.

2. The painkillers are working a little too, and they help me have some respite by making me sleep.

3. I have got two wonderful big squishy pillows that have travelled upstairs and downstairs with me all day today.

4. Kevin brought me some kid’s ice-lollies which are brilliant and cold.

5. I have been wearing my new dressing gown all day – it’s like a polar fleece blanket that is wearable!

Hoping for more cheery news tomorrow, but for now that’s all. Fare thee well fellow blog peeps.


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