Crafty Saturday


I’m still recovering from this dratted throat infection and my concentration is still all over the place, so I thought I’d do some crocheting this afternoon. Ah bliss!!

It’s amazing what a little bit of creativity can do for the soul.

I’ll show you more when there’s something bigger to demonstrate but for today, the therapy was in the doing, not so much the finishing.


4 thoughts on “Crafty Saturday”

    1. Thank you Mary. I had been making progress over the weekend but then had a bit of a setback today with the return of the pain and fever, but I have faith things will improve soon. I hope you are well my friend? That snow had better not be piling up against your door!


      1. I am doing great. Thanks for asking!

        We have probably 3 in (8 cm) of snow on the ground and have for a good week or two. It’s mostly been very cold though. Right now it’s 1 F or -17 C! However, it’s supposed to warm up to 28 F or -2 C later today which isn’t bad at all!

        Hope you are well soon!


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