Name Your Favourite…

Name Your Favourite…

Place: sat on my bed propped up with my two favourite pillows, with either my laptop on my knee or my book in my hand.

Person: tricky one this! So many people are my favourite something, like my favourite funny person, or my favourite shoulder to cry on, and I couldn’t possibly choose between my kids…. so I will say that the person whose company I could never ever get tired of is my niece and god-daughter Ella. She is still at the cute kid stage, but she is so funny and droll and her capacity to tolerate family teasing is boundless. Her initial battle for life itself is an inspiration to me, and I love watching her growing up.


Colour: Blue

Food: traditional British food – roast meat, potatoes, vegetables, gravy, fruit sponge, custard. That kind of thing.

Smell: freshly mown grass

Book: difficult to choose, there are so many! I would have to say that my favourite book is the one that really switched me on to reading as a child, and that was Five Run Away Together by Enid Blyton. That single book opened my eyes and introduced me to a whole new world.

five run away together

Movie: Love Actually, or either of the Bridget Jones’ films. Or Indiana Jones

Music artist: John Williams

Thing to do when bored: Read

Genre of literature: crime thriller

Magazine: I’m not really into magazines, but every now and again I’ll pick up one on digital photography

Texture: paper

Time of day: the pre-bedtime hour when the house is all quiet and I have time to reflect on the day, maybe read a little bit, have a last cup of tea

Day of the week: Monday. When Monday comes along, the whole week stretches ahead of me and the world seems filled with endless possibilities. The reality is that I will probably end up doing much the same thing as I did the week before, but that’s not the point – Monday is the day when ANYTHING seems possible.

Thing to learn about: the way that people have understood Christianity down the years, and how we understand it and practice it today.

Thing about yourself: my capacity to bounce back when things go awry

Lifehack (a time saving, efficiency technique for life):  When slicing tomatoes, turn them upside down and slice about ¾ through, then spin the whole thing round through 180 degrees and you’ve got something to hold onto while you slice through the rest.



If you want to join in with this Sunday’s meme, hop along here and follow the instructions. Happy stealing!



6 thoughts on “Name Your Favourite…”

  1. I love the picture of your tomatoes. I found all your answers very interesting. I like that you always sound very positive. It is great that you have such a beaut relationship with your god-daughter Ella. Have a great week with much improved health! 🙂
    Best wishes, Uta


    1. Thank you Uta! I had a bit of a downturn today and the pain in my throat is back, but I have faith things will get better very soon. And Ella….awww my little Ella, she’s lovely isn’t she!


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