Five Favourites

Five Favourite…Actresses

I thought I would try something different for a little while and over the coming weeks and months I am going to work my way down a list of “5 favourite…” somethings. The full list can be found here, but for today, I’m going to start at the very top and give you my top five favourite actresses (in no particular order).

julie andrews1. Julie Andrews – Whatever this lady turns her hand to she is amazing at. I love her in The Sound of Music, and to my mind she is as equally amazing in The Princess Diaries and Shrek. She exudes calm and poise, and her accent is an aspirational brand of Englishness that only exists in Hollywood. Bravo Miss Andrews, long may you continue!

keira knightley2. Keira Knightley – She has suffered quite some flak in her career so far but I don’t care about that. She is fantastic in so many different kinds of things, whether it is period drama or voice overs she always captures my imagination and I love watching her films. My favourite one of hers is Love Actually. Especially the doorstep scene with Andrew Lincoln….gorgeous!

c3. Emma Watson – we have all seen Emma Watson grow up on screen in the Harry Potter films, but for me, she is more remarkable for what she has achieved away from the screen. She went away to study for her degree and since then she has become a UN ambassador for women, which is utterly commendable and proves she is a worthy role model for our young women today. Aside from that, she has always maintained her dignity in the media and doesn’t trade on her celebrity status for tawdry ends.

Sarah-Lancashire4. Sarah Lancashire – I have watched almost everything Sarah Lancashire has appeared in on TV and I have loved everything I have seen. First of all, her portrayal of Raquel in Coronation Street led us to believe she was a bit of ditzy, fluffy air-head because it was so good. When she went on to portray other characters there was the typical outcry from the media “oh she’ll never shake Raquel off”, but how wrong they all were! Most recently seen in Last Tango in Halifax playing a very convincing (ie, not over played and very naturally done) lesbian and prior to that as a hard bitten cop in Happy Valley, I find she is utterly compelling to watch. I saw her in real life once, when she lived in Oldham. She crossed the road in front of me on a zebra crossing on day wearing her house slippers and with her purse in her hand, just nipping to the shops. Normal, yet ultra-normal at the same time.

maxine_peake5. Maxine Peake – she is another actress who we have seen bloom on TV, from her early life as the dunderheaded Twinkle in Dinnerladies to legal-eagle Martha Costello in Silk taking in roles such as Myra Hindley and so much more. Another no-nonsense actress from the north, I would love to see her in a big budget movie someday.


Next time, my 5 favourite…actors



5 thoughts on “Five Favourite…Actresses”

  1. Defo agree with Julie Andrews, n Sarah Lancashire (personal favourite role would be Rose & Maloney). I’d choose Liv Tyler, Queen Latifah and Helen Mirren!


  2. Not sure I’ve ever given this much thought. The lass who plays Lara Croft is nice. Julie Andrews is every thing a lady should be. I love the strong roles women play now.


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