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PamCam – The Creative Process

Today’s PamCam photo is of my work as I wrote my sermon for preaching on Sunday.



What you can see here are the two readings I have used as my text, a few notes and a mind-map of threads I want to talk about. This photo shows my work in progress earlier this afternoon, and I do have my first draft finished now for revision and redrafting tomorrow.

My work today is more chaotic than my past efforts but I think that is due to the chaotic nature of my brain this week. Ah well, the proof of the pudding will be in the preaching on Sunday no doubt!



4 thoughts on “PamCam – The Creative Process”

    1. That would be lovely! This is only my third attempt and I have a long way to go before I’m any way proficient at it, but the message is from the heart and I mean every word I am going to say. I can only do it because I’m supervised closely by my vicar, and at the moment we are testing to see where I am being called in my ministry. It’s early days yet! I might publish the script of it tomorrow after I’m done. I’ll see how things go first!


      1. I will Mary, but not today! I will do a summary too so if people don’t want to wade through it all then they will get the gist of it without all the words. I’ll perhaps do that tomorrow though – I’m a bit worn out today 🙂


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