Hyacinths – My Favourite!

I went to Bury market today. My primary aim was to get some wool from the wool stall because I have been asked to make a couple of blankets and needed some particular colours. If you saw my wool stash then you’d laugh thinking that surely there must be enough in there already, but no, you’d be wrong. There is never enough wool in a wool stash. Any crafter will tell you that!

On the way to the wool stall I passed a little stall selling plants and flowers. I don’t usually give them a second glance to be honest – green fingers are not one of my strong points! – but they had a big display of my absolute favourite plants and I had to buy some. You will have guessed from the title of this piece that my favourite plants, especially at this time of the year, are hyacinths. I love the fact that they always seem to thrive with very little sustenance and they are happy simply to sit on top of the soil and get on with it. They don’t need much TLC (good job if they’re in my care…) and they give off the most amazing perfume as they reach maturity, which I love.

I bought these three little plants. They don’t look much do they?


But they will soon my filling my house with their lovely colours and scents. I have picked a blue one, a purple one and a white one. The man told me that the colour of the pots shows the colour of the flower…but I have my doubts. I’m sure I asked him for a pink one instead of a purple one but hey ho, let’s see what grows in the next couple of weeks! They only cost me £1 for the three of them. The bargain of the day if you ask me.




About Pam Smith

I am a Christian and currently exploring vocation. I am a writer, I conduct a brass band, I am an avid reader and when I'm not doing any of those things I crochet with a fierce passion. I am mum to two fantastic young adults, celebrating my Silver wedding anniversary in 2016 with my husband. I recently gained my Bachelor of Arts with honours.
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4 Responses to Hyacinths – My Favourite!

  1. Andy says:

    Bury Market-the home of Black Puddings! I have childhood memories of that place, the overpowering smell of the fish stalls, and while my Mum was buying something my Dad and I would go looking at a stall of military items.


    • sterlingsop says:

      Oh yes black puddings! We didn’t get that far yesterday (my husband was waiting in the car park under the subway for us) but most definitely a valued stopping off point on a trip round the market ordinarily!

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  2. viviellevirgule says:

    Enjoy the flowers. 😉 This is the time of the year when I have to just not look at the flowers for sale in the grocery stores or I’d buy them all!


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