Misty Morning

Mist and fog hit Manchester early this morning. Here is the view from the main road near my house on the way to church at 9am:



And this is what St Peter’s in Blackley village looked like in the mist when I got there. Very atmospheric!




I think this is a sign that Winter may be over (after all that ridiculous hype and jumping about last week from the weather forecasters) and Spring is on her way.

Who can tell? Maybe the mist today is not a sign of anything significant and it’s just one of those days today – misty, moisty, foggy and dank.

I hope it was sunnier in your corner of the world!








2 thoughts on “Misty Morning”

  1. Alas, my corner of the world is your corner.
    And the mist and the general dampness is a symptom of living in Manchester.

    How do you tell it’s summer in Manchester?

    The rain is warm.

    Har de har!


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