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Fun with Google

We were looking in the band library earlier this evening and I saw the folder for an intriguing piece of music. It was called “Tantalusqualen” which rang a bell with me from my dim and distant past. It’s not a name you forget even if you forget everything else about it, such as the tune or the composer.

It’s such a lovely word to roll around your mouth too – “tanta-lus-qualen”. Is that “kwaylen” or “kwarlen”? Maybe even “kwallan”, rhyming with my brother’s name?

Who better to find out from than good old Google. I have the wotsit on my phone where I say “ok Google”, my phone beeps and then I speak my request. Google then responds and usually is correct with its answer but tonight we had much hilarity with it struggling to understand me.

This is a screen shot of one of its tries :


The next time I tried it gave me the following :


Well I say!!  Google go and wash your mouth out!

I eventually gave up and keyed in my request to find out that it is a piece by Suppe. I shan’t tell you the mirth and hilarity when Google tried to find me a recording of it… Soupy anyone?


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