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Saturday PamCam


Ah this is the life!  Feet up with crochet in hand and Manchester City on the TV. They are winning 5-0 at the minute too.

After the busy week I’ve had and a four hour tutorial this afternoon I’m enjoying this!!


8 thoughts on “Saturday PamCam”

  1. I love your blog. I was born in Harpurhey in LLanver street, my brother and I went to Christ church school. We were never in, playing out and traipsing off to queens park or the clough or Heaton park with our jam butties and bottle of water. I now live on Blackley close to Heaton park and my 3 children all grown with families of their own. Yes Blackley is green, we are lucky. I look forward to your next blog, thank you.


    1. Thanks for your comments Joan, I’m glad to hear you see Blackley as I do! I used to love spending time in Heaton Park as a kid. Well, I still do really but it’s not the same as a “sensible” adult is it? There’s not the same fun in mud slides and tarzan swings and falling through ice on the edge of the lake and all that when we’ve grown up…sigh….! I hope you continue to enjoy my blog, it’s lovely to hear from you. Pam


      1. Thank you Pam. We kids were left very much to our own devices then so had more freedom in relative safety. I was born in 1940 there was not a lot of money for luxurious but we had many mates to play out with, skipping ropes, whip and top, remember bursting the tar bubbles. Our main haunt was Queens Park which was nearer, Heaton Park was a proper day out and a long walk. I remember passing the house I now live in and thought how rich they must be living on this road. My house was a 2up2 down very damp house, but you didn’t notice that in those days. Christ Church school had the playground underneath and scaffolding in one classroom, wouldn’t be allowed now, we were always at war with Burgess Street school. One of the best shopping areas was Moston Lane when growing up, great trendy dress shops, remember flared trousers? The market, worst place was the school dentist, horror stories there. Better stop blabbing, wouldn’t really want to live anywhere else. Take care. Joan


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