Daybook Entry – 3rd March

021114_2314_DaybookEntr1.jpgFOR TODAY

Outside my window… Spring is trying desperately to break through the stranglehold Winter has had on us, and it has been partially successful today. We have had bright sunshine and bright blue skies but it has been interrupted by black clouds, gale force winds and sleety showers.

I am thinking… about how it is always darkest just after the light goes out.

I am thankful… that I managed to get my latest OU music assignment finished ahead of time and I hit my other deadlines today despite struggling with pain in the last few days. Trying to string a coherent sentence together under the influence of tramadol is not easy!

In the kitchen… Kevin made pasta Bolognese for tea which was absolutely delicious, and he made a batch of leek and potato soup for the freezer to use up some vegetables that were going soft in the fridge. Yay Kev!

I am wearing… myself out worrying about hitting deadlines under the influence of drugs. Prescribed ones, but drugs nonetheless.

I am creating... a blanket in sunshine colours for my friend at church. It’s a lovely project to work on in between my other tasks because the colours are really lifting my mood and it gives my eyes a rest from the screen.

I am going… to Church House for a meeting tomorrow afternoon.

I am praying… for my mother in law and her deteriorating condition; for my husband and the blessings he brings to my life daily; for my daughter as she faces the end of her degree in the coming weeks; for my son who is in the middle of another round of mock exams.

I am wondering… if I will have my writing assignment returned to me tomorrow. And I am wondering what mark I will get….eek!

I am reading… “Circles of Stone” by Joan Dahr Lambert. It is set in eastern Africa a million years ago and even though I am only a couple of chapters in, it is proving to be a great read. I have just read the first two books in the Chronos Files series which is a Young Adult series about time travel. Who says I don’t have an eclectic taste in literature?!

From the boardroom…  this is my Messy Church board where I collect craft ideas to do with the kids at Messy Church or Sunday School. It’s a bit busy! Click the link if you want to have a look at the kind of thing we like to try.

I am hoping… my workload is going to stay manageable for the rest of this week.

I am looking forward to… a Prayer Morning which I am helping to organise for after Easter. It looks like it is going to be a fantastic experience for people and I hope we manage to give them chance to experience prayer in different ways adequately enough.

I am learning… that I do have the gifts I need to get through this life after all.

Around the house… things are getting messy again and I need to do some serious housework.

I am pondering… on a couple of writing projects I want to pursue and whether I can use them for my OU work or if they will be suitable for submission for publication.

A favourite quote for today…

when life is rough

One of my favourite things… is getting to the bottom of a “to do” list

A few plans for the rest of the week: meeting tomorrow afternoon, Lent study Thursday night, band practice Friday night, Living Stones training on Saturday.

A peek into my day…


To explain this, my day today has revolved around prayer in one way or another and this sums up a lot of what’s going on in my life at the minute. I produced the graphic under “quote for today” this morning for the Prayer Morning literature I am working on, and when things are going particularly badly for me in terms of my pain and sickness I find myself praying more. Not just for deliverance and healing for myself but also with thanks for the things that are going well or that I am blessed with and for healing for others. There’s something about darkness that makes you appreciate the light, and for me, praying my thanks is as important to me as asking for things. I like the idea of being a “prayer warrior”. It’s empowering on so many levels, and praying for others takes the emphasis away from myself and my own problems.


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