Daybook Entry – 28th March 2015

021114_2314_DaybookEntr1.jpgFOR TODAY

Outside my window… it has been a changeable day today weather-wise. Blustery wind and showers one minute, stormy gales and torrential rain the next, bright sunshine and big towering white clouds the minute after that. It’s dark now so obviously no sunshine, but still raining and miserable. Spring is poised.

I am thinking… that this time last week I would never have imagined the week I have just experienced.

I am thankful… for the life of my mother in law who died this week. Without her I would not have my husband and I would not have my wonderful children. She has taught me a lot in the last 30 years – and not all of it positive!

In the kitchen… Kevin made his famous “sausage one-pot” for tea tonight. Onions, peppers, beans, tomatoes, sausages, potatoes, mushrooms and stock. Delish.

I am wearing… my tired face tonight. It has been a very emotional week.

I am creating… time for some rest tomorrow.

I am going… to go and check the clocks round the house shortly to make sure they have been put forward for the hour overnight.

I am praying… for Joanne who is facing the end of her life in the coming days; her mum and dad Ruth and Paul; for her family who are devastated at the anticipation of her loss. For Arthur, who has suffered a major break in his mental capacity and who is now effectively lost to us.

I am wondering… what tomorrow will bring.

I am reading… after the recent death of Terry Pratchett I decided I would give his books a go and so – ironically enough – I read “Mort” the week before last and I began to read “The Reaper Man” this week. I haven’t really had much time to read this week and it feels a bit strange to admit that the time I have had to read, it has been a welcome break to have a humorous look at death through the eyes of Mr Pratchett in the midst of the reality of what’s been going on.

From the boardroom… this is a board I began a while ago and come back to now and again. Please feel free to add anything to it if you see something I’d like!

I am hoping… that a good sleep tonight will help.

I am looking forward to… a week on Monday. All duties done, all funerals held, all responsibilities outside the house suspended for a while. Time for a rest, time for a break, time to spend time with the family in peace.

I am learning… that death is not necessarily a tragedy and in some cases can actually be a merciful event.

Around the house… we have not spent much time in the house this week so it is looking like a bombsite at the minute. We have literally run in and run out again all week and things have been dropped and left all over the place. You may have gathered we lost my husband’s mum this week, but we have also been playing in the orchestra for the school production of the Wizard of Oz (great timing eh?). The days have been filled with things like visiting funeral directors, the registry office, meeting with the minister, ordering funeral flowers and so on, and the evenings have been spent sat in the dark playing the music for the show. It has been surreal to say the least. And to top it off, my long awaited TV appearance was aired on Tuesday evening too which added to the feeling of surreality on Tuesday no end.

I am pondering… my usual ponder – do I have another cup of tea before I go to bed, or should I make do with water?

A favourite quote for today…


One of my favourite things… is my Mum’s shepherd’s pie, especially when she puts cheese on top.

A few plans for the rest of the week: church tomorrow morning (it’s Palm Sunday tomorrow); roast dinner tomorrow afternoon (a leg of lamb is resting in the fridge as we speak); Stay and Play on Monday morning, Messy Church at the local school on Wednesday; my mother in law’s funeral on Thursday; church on Friday; church on Saturday and Sunday (well, it is Easter!).

A peek into my day…

One of the crafts we did at Messy Church today. It depicts the empty tomb using biscuits, butter cream and a mini egg. It was great fun to do and the kids loved it.
One of the crafts we did at Messy Church today. It depicts the empty tomb using biscuits, butter cream and a mini egg. It was great fun to do and the kids loved it.

6 thoughts on “Daybook Entry – 28th March 2015”

    1. Thanks Andy. It’s been a difficult couple of years for her with the effects of Parkinson’s, and the last six months in particular have been horrible for her. It’s a blessing she’s out of all that now x

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  1. Dear Pam, I wish you a good Easter Week and a Happy Easter! As you say for your mother-in-law it’s a blessing she’s out of all that now. Sympathy to you and the family, especially Kevin, your husband. 00XX


    1. Thank you Mary. It has been quite a tough time recently and I am just about getting my head back to normal. I have started the A-Z blogging challenge this week and have just about managed to post something each day so far. I’m hoping that it will help establish a routine again! I have been working on a “secret” item for you and wanted to get it in the post before Easter, but as I haven’t been home as much as I needed to be in the last few weeks I am a bit behind schedule. I will have a little crocheted something in the post for you soon. Pam x


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