Pam's Pantry

Lamb Tikka Masala

Today’s deliciousness, courtesy of the leftovers from yesterday’s roast dinner and a lovely hot brew with which to wash it down.. DSC_1974


I did a leg of lamb for dinner yesterday and we had it with roast potatoes (all gone), carrots (also all gone) and broccoli (some left). I felt a bit rash splurging out on a big joint but as it fed 5 yesterday, 3 today and more left for tomorrow, I don’t feel that guilty after all.

This curry was made from some of the lamb and the rest of a jar of curry sauce I used last weekend when I made a chicken biryani, and we had it with the leftover broccoli and some home-made pilau rice. Very nice!

In case you’re wondering how I did it and how much it cost:

Leg of lamb – £8 (8 servings so £1 per serving)
Carrots – 49p (5 servings so approx 10p per serving)
Broccoli – 98p (8 servings so 11p per serving)
Potatoes – £1.50 (5 servings so 30p per serving)
Tin of tomatoes – 50p (bulk buy. 3 servings so approx 18p per serving)
Half jar of curry paste – 64p (3 servings so 21p per serving)
Onion – 16p (3 servings so 5p per serving)
Rice – (bulk buy approx 15p so 5p per serving)

Two day’s worth of decent food at a grand cost of around £2.50 per head. Not bad on the economic front, delicious on the taste front and priceless on the sharing and companionship front too. Happy Pamster.



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