A-Z April 2015

O is for Orinoco

No, not the river but Orinoco the Womble. For those non-UK visitors who don’t know what a Womble is stay tuned!

Welcome to my entry for O in the A-Z blogging challenge 2015.

imageWhen I was growing up in the 1970s we were pretty spoiled with the television available to us kids. A lot of our programs were education dressed up as entertainment but it didn’t seem to matter to us, they were all fantastic. One of my favourites was The Wombles, an animated series about a bunch of little characters who lived on Wimbledon Common and gathered up rubbish with which they made other usable items. This was the 70s don’t forget and recycling wasn’t even invented yet but these little guys were at it 40 years ago.

The stories were written by Elizabeth Beresford and the TV program was narrated by Bernard Cribbins. He used to do all the voices too, which was fantastic. The music was written by Mike Batt

They were led by Great Uncle Bulgaria, chief Womble who dressed in tartan and were looked after by Madame Cholet, a French maid with a lovely accent.

The others were Tomsk, Wellington, Tobermory and my favourite, Orinoco. He was the dimwit one and the one I felt sorry for the most. It really confused me when we learned about rivers in Geography at school because I couldn’t get my head round the fact that he was sooo not a river!!

They released a couple of singles too (well it was the 70s!!) and here’s (in my opinion) the best:



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