A-Z April 2015

V is for V-shapes

Wow, nearly through the Blogging from A-Z challenge this year and thank you to those who have stayed with me so far. We have arrived at our next tricky letter and I decided to show you a couple of photos I took today to show you a little of my day.

One of the ways I serve my church is to provide the audio-visuals for worship, both at Sunday services and study groups, as well as at other times too. I absolutely love doing it and the longer I have been serving in this way, the more I have learned – both in terms of how to operate the software and the creativity needed with which to use it properly and, (no small matter), my abilities to cope with stress.

Today was a first for me though and I did the music for both St Peter’s and St Paul’s. That was a service at 9.30am at St Peter’s and then a quick scoot up the road for the 11am service at St Paul’s (my home church). All the while, I was on the lookout for things that are V-shaped to complete today’s blog post.

I arrived at St Peter’s early and the second I stepped out of the car I was met with this stunning view:

St Peter's Church, Blackley
St Peter’s Church, Blackley

You can see the V-shapes on the gate posts, but have a look at the windows too. And over the doorway, and on the turrets. Lots of V’s!

Clock tower at St Peter’s Blackley. Lots more V’s here on the corners and the angle of the roof.


And just to prove that these photos are mine, here’s me in front of the tower in probably my first ever selfie.

Sunday Selfie at St Peter's
Sunday Selfie at St Peter’s

In keeping with the theme, I even have a V-necked teeshirt on today…totally unintentionally I promise!

After the service at St Peter’s I made my way up the hill to St Paul’s, where we had a guest preacher today. Ray Cooke is a well known local priest who is retired now but who still presides at communion now and again, and also delivers very interesting sermons on early Christianity and the origins of the Bible.

Today, Ray preached on St Mark as it was the feast day of St Mark yesterday, and as always Ray gave one of the best History lessons I have ever had. While he was preaching I noticed his scarf and it featured the crossed keys of St Peter’s, which – conveniently for me today – give a great V-shape in their centre.

Ray Cooke's priest scarf showing the crossed keys of St Peter
Ray Cooke’s priest scarf showing the crossed keys of St Peter

I was touched when Ray told me that the motifs on his scarf were hand stitched by his wife Elizabeth before she became ill with dementia. He looks after her at home still and whenever he joins us for worship at St Paul’s he always brings her with him. She cannot communicate any more and she needs help to have a cup of tea afterwards, but she loves the old hymns that she remembers from her younger days by smiling broadly and trying to hum along to them.

Back at home after church I was craving something cold and crunchy, such as lettuce or cucumber, and this is my lunch. Another couple of V-shapes there – the quiche and the tomatoes are both shaped like little V’s and totally in keeping with today’s theme.

V-shaped tomatoes anyone?!



My final example of V shapes today are these two beautiful tulips in my front garden. I took several photos of these flowers today to try and capture their true beauty and the depth of their colour and as you can see, I didn’t quite achieve it. I did manage to capture their inner V-shapes though.

Beautiful V-shapes on my tulips



So there you have it, my interpretation of “V is for….”. I hope you can forgive me the stretching of the brief today and that you have enjoyed a little insight into my day.

Thank you for joining me on my A-Z challenge.





6 thoughts on “V is for V-shapes”

  1. Beautiful photos, Pam. Great presentation of Vs! The tulips, the tomatoes and your whole lunch, everything looks absolutely lovely. Your T-shirt looks great too! 🙂
    And the crossed keys of St Peter’s do give a great V-shape in their centre!


    1. Thank you 🙂 I thought I would try to look at the challenge from a different angle for this one. I might have to try an alternative approach for tomorrow too…. X is on the cards for tomorrow eek!


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