A-Z April 2015

W is for Weather

It’s day “W” on the Blogging from A-Z challenge, and we have arrived at the biggest obsession my country has and that is the WEATHER.

If you saw my blog yesterday you will have seen the photographs I took in Blackley yesterday morning. You will have noticed how beautiful and blue the sky was and what a stunning Spring day we enjoyed yesterday.

This morning began in pretty much the same way: clear blue skies, bright sunshine, cold air and a little bit of a frost early on. Gorgeous, my favourite type of weather.

It stayed like this most of the day until about tea-time and then we were hit with Armageddon-like rain and wind. At one point, the rain was so severe the wipers couldn’t keep up on the car and I could see sleet in it.

DSC_2289 (1)

On the way back home, the rain stopped but the sky was giving us a demonstration of its awesome power with huge, towering clouds playing tag with sunbeams. I tried to take some photos to show you the contrast and this is one of the better ones I achieved:




What it lacks in detail it makes up for in contrast, don’t you think?

Not long afterwards, they sky yet again gave us one more treat and this is a shot from my upstairs window:



I don’t know if it’s because we are an island nation and we are the first port of call for any travelling Atlantic storms that we get such variances in our weather, but from the rapid changes I saw tonight and tried to capture for you, you can see why it is endlessly fascinating!



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