Daybook Entry – 3rd May 2015

e99db-simple-woman-daybook-largeFOR TODAY 3rd May 2015

Outside my window… it is dark and very very quiet. Not even any traffic noise tonight either from the main road or the motorway. Unusual. Usually at this time of night there is at least the sound of a siren or two. Still, mustn’t complain. Summer’s round the corner and things will get lively enough then.

I am thinking… about the amount of work I have got to get through in the next three weeks. Daunting isn’t the word.

I am thankful… for my family.

In the kitchen… we had a jointed chicken, roast potatoes and veg for tea. Nobody was in the mood for anything else so the jam roly poly is still in the freezer. For now.

I am wearing… a big smile because Emma is home overnight tonight.

I am creating… lots of notes for my end of module assessment for Creative Writing, and lots of other types of notes for my last assignment and my end of module assessment for Inside Music. And a blanket (which has been on the go for too long now and I want to see the back of!)

I am going… to visit my father in law tomorrow. He’s in an “assessment centre” at the minute having been placed there just before my mother in law died because he was not safe to live at home any longer. He still hasn’t had a formal assessment yet but it is more than obvious that he is suffering from dementia. The trouble is that either it has been hidden for a very long time or is progressing rapidly because he seems to have hit milestone after milestone in the six weeks he’s been there which we would have expected years in between. He also has a chest infection as of yesterday and is quite poorly in himself so we’re going to go and see him tomorrow to see how he is. Things don’t feel too good though and personally I think he’s had another TIA. We’ll see tomorrow.

I am praying… for my father in law Arthur; my husband Kevin who has “lost” both parents in the space of a few weeks recently (his mum died and his dad as you have read above is not with us any longer)

I am wondering… what all that thumping and banging was yesterday in the bungalow when we were clearing out my parents in law’s loft…

I am reading… “22 Dead Little Bodies” by Stuart MacBride (it’s not as grim as it sounds, I promise!)

I am hoping… to get my next sermon written tomorrow so I have a few days for it to ‘stew’. I’m preaching again next Sunday – excited much!)

I am looking forward to… finishing my studies at the end of June. Whilst I have loved both modules and I have learned a lot, it has been very difficult to manage them both recently especially with the family upheaval we have experienced. I have had to put lots of things off because my time has been tied up trying to catch up since Easter and I’m looking forward to things like being able to crochet without feeling guilty that I’ve not got my nose in a book. I have an urge to paint too, but because that’s a time-consuming activity I can’t justify the time out from studying at the minute and I’m looking forward to cracking on with that soon.

I am learning… more about the law than I thought I would ever need to! I have proofread two (yes TWO) dissertations on European law recently and have been getting to grips with the legalities of wills, living wills, powers of attorney and all that goes on when someone dies and leaves things to people who have no mental capacity.

Around the house… there are boxes and boxes of STUFF that we have rescued from the bungalow and that Kevin wants to sort/keep/store/sell/give away from his parents. Scrap books, photo albums, ornaments etc. You know the kind of thing – other people’s memories which feel wrong to destroy.

I am pondering… about buying a dress for my daughter’s graduation at the end of July. Me in a frock?? Yes, that’s right!

A favourite quote for today… from David’s sermon this morning: “A gardener must prune back his roses to stop them growing in their own light. A pruned rose is the flower it is meant to be.”

One of my favourite things… is having both my children under my roof.

A few plans for the rest of the week: visiting my father in law tomorrow, study group at church on Thursday, band on Friday. Other than that it will be studying, studying, writing, more studying, a bit more writing and a large dollop of “who knows?!”

A peek into my day…




This is our church front door, showing the brand-new welcome sign. The symbol in the centre of the “welcome” roundel is for St Paul – the dagger and the book signify his life – and the one on the right is the Church of England symbol. The etching has a double purpose; first of all it is to commemorate the life of one of our elder statesmen who died last year. Arthur Turley was one of the first babies to be baptised at St Paul’s in the 1930s, and he has served all his church life here. His family have paid for the welcome sign in his memory. The second purpose is because having an all-glass door is great for welcoming people in, but not so great to see if it is open or closed! It is my “photo of the day” because I designed it and it was installed last Monday.

The reflection in the glass you can see are the gardens between our church building and the church hall. It makes a lovely photo doesn’t it.


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