Daybook Entry – 24th June 2015

For Today… 24th June

Outside my window… storm clouds are gathering and it looks like we could be in for some rain and possibly thunder overnight.

I am thinking… about my daughter who is away sailing the high seas for the next three weeks.

I am thankful… she knows how to pilot a Royal Navy boat!

I am wearing… my reading glasses to do this. Yes, it’s finally caught up with me, sigh!

I am creating… lots of notes for my next OU modules. I am taking two level three modules in September, which, if I pass them both I will be able to claim my honours degree this time next year. I am going to be studying Children’s Literature in one (the reading list is AMAZING!), and I will be taking my creative writing to the next level in the other. I have already begun the reading for the Children’s Lit module and I am making copious notes as I go. Noting things like themes, overarching moral strings, character interaction, whether the stories are there for education or entertainment etc. So far, it’s great fun and I’m getting a lot out of the leisurely pace but I can see it’s going to get busy really quickly in September! And I have a couple of ideas on the go for the Advanced Creative Writing module as well as a couple of other projects I want to work up for my own pleasure. I’ll keep you up to date with developments as we go.

I am going… I don’t really have any plans to go anywhere at the minute. Except for our camping holiday in August there is nothing else on the cards just now.

I am wondering… if we will get thunder overnight. The atmosphere is a little oppressive and my pressure headache is telling me that it might just.

I am reading… oh wow, what am I reading? Well, I am nearly through Swallows and Amazons and I have just started Coram Boy for my OU module, and for pleasure I am reading Twilight (for the fourth or fifth time). I have got another 15 books to get through over the summer so it’s a good job I like reading!

I am hoping… I can cool off during the night. My internal thermostat setting is definitely on “tropical” tonight.

I am praying… for Jeff, who has lost his wife Sheila suddenly today. Sheila had motor neurone disease but was still active and fairly mobile, and sadly her heart failed today and she died this evening. She is at rest and peace now, but her husband Jeff will be still in shock at the suddenness of her death and will need prayers of support in the coming days and weeks. I am also praying for Arthur, my father in law. He has been moved into his permanent care home now but the move has disturbed him a lot and he seems to have deteriorated even more since then. Whereas he could hold a conversation with us before – albeit about things in the past and very muddled up – now, his conversation is random and disjointed, with rambling and mumbling to cover up where he has forgotten what he is saying. My prayer is that he is at peace inside himself even though he appears not to be to the outside world.

I am learning… that it is possible to not react when people upset me. Maybe it’s an age thing, maybe it’s a faith thing but something has changed for me and I have learned to just let hurts and upsets roll off me.

In my house…

Terry the Terrapin asleep in his tank. You can see he has one arm round the seashell and the other braced up against his rock. His head is turned and his eyes are closed, bless his little heart! You can almost hear him snoring...

Terry the Terrapin asleep in his tank. You can see he has one arm round the seashell and the other braced up against his rock. His head is turned and his eyes are closed, bless his little heart! You can almost hear him snoring…

In my kitchen… we are having to be a bit creative because we have no money for food shopping until payday, three weeks from now. We have had a couple of big bills this month trying to keep the car on the road which has had a big impact on our budgeting. It means that what we have in the cupboards has got to last us til the 15th July so meal times are a matter of planning, eking it out and plain old making do. It’ll pass soon enough – it always has done in the past!

A few plans for the rest of the week: I am working on an arrangement of Sweet Caroline for the band to have a go at, so if that’s ready I’ll be taking that to rehearsal on Friday night, Ethan is out all weekend at the Greater Manchester Youth Brass Band gathering, we have Bible study tomorrow night and that’s about it really. A quiet time for a change.

A favourite quote for today…

every child


A peek into one of my days…

The Greater Manchester Hub Youth Brass Band at the Bridgewater Hall on Sunday 21st June

The Greater Manchester Hub Youth Brass Band at the Bridgewater Hall on Sunday 21st June

The GMHYBB, close up of my son on Bass Trombone (he's the one with the mass of curly black hair in the centre of the photo)

The GMHYBB, close up of my son on Bass Trombone (he’s the one with the mass of curly black hair and his sleeves rolled up in the centre of the photo)


One of my favourite things… apart from seeing my son perform? The smell of new books, without doubt.


Post Script…

I have had a little bit of time out from my blog recently, and I feel like I have missed out on such a lot from my bloggy friends across the world. Things have been busy here for me – first of all finishing off my modules for the Open University and then because I was working as an exam invigilator during the GCSEs at my husband’s school. On top of that I haven’t been very well and have been in a tremendous amount of pain each day. Possibly because of standing up for long periods of time, possibly because of renal colic and biliary colic (which I do suffer from but not usually together like now). It could be something else, but you know what it’s like when you have unexplained pain and that little niggly voice tells you it’s something dramatic/terrible/irreversible/catastrophic/fatal?

All this has been going on at a time when my son has needed me to help support him through his exams and to be his taxi driver for his various rehearsals, engagements, concerts, trips out etc with the different bands he is in.  By the end of each day I have been too tired to think about putting together a proper blog post and I didn’t want to fob you off with something trivial, so I have taken a bit of a break.

Things are a little less fraught now, because the exams are over and I’m not out at work, and so I have some more brain-space to think about creating blog posts again. The only trouble I have now is that because of my pain levels I am having to take more tramadol doses than usual which plays havoc with my thought processes and my ability to form coherent sentences. It’s a good job this is typed and not spoken or else we would still going round the houses with what day it is!







About Pam Smith

I am a Christian and currently exploring vocation. I am a writer, I conduct a brass band, I am an avid reader and when I'm not doing any of those things I crochet with a fierce passion. I am mum to two fantastic young adults, celebrating my Silver wedding anniversary in 2016 with my husband. I recently gained my Bachelor of Arts with honours.
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5 Responses to Daybook Entry – 24th June 2015

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  2. Eileen says:

    It’s good to see you back online. I hope things settle down for you and the pain eases off. The OU Children’s lit course sounds very interesting. Do you have your results from last year yet?

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Glad to hear from you! Your Children’s Lit class sounds great! I loved “Swallows and Amazons”!


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