Our Week In Northumberland

We have been on holiday this week and have spent a wonderful time together in Northumberland. We are camping (again) and have returned to the same site we stayed at last year near Seahouses.

We have not travelled far this time and have explored places within a half hour’s drive away. We have visited Anwick Castle where some of the outdoor scenes from Harry Potter were filmed and have been on a narrow gauge railway to visit Etal, a lovely little village that was a respite place for the English army at the Battle of Flodden.

Anyone fancy a Quidditch lesson?!
Me and my boys on a train (husband, dad and son)
Emma (and Timmy) on a train

We have had evenings on several beaches and sea fronts locally, and have had our obligatory evening of madness in the awning playing cards and dominoes with much laughter and teasing to accompany us.

Evening at Beadnell
Evening at Seahouses

Today we visited a restored corn mill which was very very interesting, and we visited some ancient standing stones which was very moving. The standing stones were a half hour hike through ripening crops from the lane where we parked our cars, and, to use an oft-overused phrase,  it was AWESOME.

Stone Age standing stones at Duddo
Fields of ripening crops

We move off this site tomorrow to head south to Scarborough where my brother and his family will be joining us for a few days. I’m looking forward to seeing him and looking forward to having some daft times on the beach with him too.


1 thought on “Our Week In Northumberland”

  1. LOVE Seahouses, had a “house swap” holiday there in July 2006, so much better than trying to take a 2 yr old n a 14 month old kid in a hotel/ BnB etc. Visited Alnwick, Lyndesfarn, Robin Hood Bay etc. on day trips.


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