Daybook Entry – 23rd August

8598a-simple-woman-daybook-largeFOR TODAY 23rd August 2015

Outside my window… I am looking at the most clear-cut half moon I have ever seen. It is so crystal clear against a cloudless black sky it looks like someone has painted it on my window.

I am thinking… there is so much on my mind tonight I don’t know where to begin. It has been a long time since I last wrote a blog post and a lot has happened in the meantime. We have had a family holiday (which was fantastic), I have decided on a new health and fitness regime to try and get myself in some sort of shape (and not simply “round”), I have delivered a sermon today in both parish churches, I am looking forward to taking up my studies again in a couple of weeks and I’m getting excited about some of the writing ideas I have been working on. We had a barbecue at church last night which was brilliant fun. Touching too, especially when some older couples were dancing to “Every Time We Say Goodbye”. One of the couples in particular brought a tear to my eye because he is almost crippled with arthritis in his hips and back and she is a resident in a nursing home because she has dementia. To see them sharing such a loving moment dancing to that song together, and to see her singing the words was such a powerfully emotional moment it was almost heart-breaking. Yes, there is a lot on my mind.

I am thankful… for many, many things. Not least the gift of my faith.

In the kitchen… we had leftover chilli for tea tonight and we have a big cook-out planned to fill up the freezer with soups, sauces, curries and stews for the autumn and winter ahead.

I am wearing… grey t-shirt and blue shorts. My favourite colours and my favourite comfy gear when it’s hot and clammy as it is tonight.

I am creating… space. Much needed space in our house. We have inherited a lot of “stuff” from my parents in law’s house and we have amassed so much clutter over the years that our house is in desperate need of a clear out. I began with the bedroom last week, and this weekend we both tackled the boxroom so I can make more use of the space to study and contemplate as I need to.

I am going… to be accompanying my Dad to the hospital tomorrow for a routine procedure. Not particularly pleasant for him and I’m glad to be able to give him some moral support while he’s there.

I am praying… for my father in law Arthur, my friend Gwen, my friend Eddie. They are all going through a lot of upheaval and uncertainty in one way or another. My prayers are also for a friend who is going through some serious mental health issues that have a wider impact on other people.

I am wondering… how much longer Manchester City can keep up their winning streak. Three wins out of three so far in the Premiership gives us maximum possible points and some seriously good bragging rights.

I am reading… “Grave Secrets” by Kathy Reichs for a bit of lighter reading, but I am also trying to get through my reading list for one of my courses in October. I am trying to get through Little Women (yawn) and have got Treasure Island (yawn 2) and Mortal Engines (steampunk theme for young adults so not sure what to expect yet) and The Other Side of Truth to read next.

From the boardroom… A bit of anti-writing matter haha


I am hoping… that it isn’t too muggy overnight tonight. I could do with a decent sleep please.

I am looking forward to… getting back to routine when Ethan goes back to school…eek, I mean COLLEGE…and when my Open University materials arrive and I can get cracking on finishing my degree.

I am learning… how to do Celtic drawings and transfer them onto projects for wood burning. Here are a couple of things I made when I was on holiday last week.




Around the house… DON’T ASK!!!!! It’s just a stuffed up mess at the minute and doesn’t feel much like a home to be honest. Going to get to grips with that soon.

I am pondering… where to ride to tomorrow. I have been cycling a bit recently and have been gradually building up my mileage, so I’m looking at where to go and how far to go tomorrow to keep up my routine.

A favourite quote for today… “Prayer is when you talk to God; Meditation is when you listen to him”

One of my favourite things… is watching Manchester City win.

A few plans for the rest of the week: at the hospital with my Dad tomorrow morning, baptism preparation at church on Wednesday, leading study group on Thursday evening and band on Friday night. I will be cycling a couple of times and reading a LOT this week too! I also have a phone call to make to make a “date” for coffee with someone I am excited to meet again after a number of years without contact.

A peek into my absence…

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