Daybook Entry – 15th October

8598a-simple-woman-daybook-largeFor Today… 15th October 2015

Outside my window… cloudless sky, frost forming on cars in the street. Brrr… it’s nearly winter alright.

I am thinking… about Greek words for “love” (don’t ask!)

I am thankful… for my best friend.

I am wearing… a pair of dark rings under my eyes.

I am creating… lots and lots of notes and plot lines, story outlines, character descriptions and situations to explore for my writing course.

I am going…  to enjoy a good sleep tonight.

I am praying… to give thanks for the safe arrival of my cousin Kathryn’s son William earlier this week; for healing for my brother’s mother in law who is critically ill will post-surgical complications.

I am wondering… if this scratchy throat and snotty nose is going to develop or do one overnight.

I am reading… “Owen: Book One of the Tudor Trilogy” by Tony Riches. It’s about Owen Tudor and the events that led up to the Wars of the Roses, and even though I am enjoying it I don’t think it’s the best account of this part of history I’ve ever read.

I am hoping… this tiny blister under my thumbnail goes down overnight. It has been incredibly painful for a couple of days now and there’s no sign of it improving. It feels like a cold-sore blister (if it’s even possible to get one there) and is making my thumb very hot, with its own little heartbeat.

I am learning… more about my faith, more about the relationships we find ourselves in and how to incorporate my new understanding into the things I am writing.

In my garden… my beautiful hydrangea is changing colour spectacularly at the moment. It is usually pink, but some of the blooms have been blue this year which means that now Autumn is kissing them gently, the colours are deepening and changing to look spectacular.

In my kitchen… I wanted to cook chicken with chorizo and pearl barley this week but my bravado deserted me and I did it with rice instead. It ended up as a variation on my usual paella instead of something different, but hey ho, it went down well enough with the troops!

A favourite quote for today…


A photo from this week’s album…

Terry the Terrapin with all feet off the ground. Funny little animal!
Terry the Terrapin with all feet off the ground. Funny little animal!

One of my favourite things… is a well-timed hug.

Post Script: I am finally getting to the end of my latest “episode” and the pain is more or less under control again. I’m at that awkward stage of recovery now where my body hurts – I mean, seriously sore from marrow to split ends. I mentioned the blister down the side of my thumbnail, but to be honest that’s just one little thing that is causing me grief at the minute. But isn’t it always the way that we concentrate on the visible source of pain rather than the bigger (and more painful) invisible ones? I have been working hard on the things I have to do and I’m looking forward to having the time to enjoy the things I want to do when I’m feeling more energetic and positive.



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