Daybook – 22nd October

8598a-simple-woman-daybook-largeFor Today… 22nd October 2015

Outside my window… clear skies, stars shining like rock hard chips of diamonds. Dampness in the air will mean a frosty morning tomorrow.

I am thinking… about how complicated life can be sometimes.

I am thankful… that when I fell yesterday I didn’t break any bones.

I am wearing… a tie-dyed t-shirt that I did as part of a camp activity with Brigade about 15 years ago. It’s still doing well and doesn’t look that old really!

I am creating… some hats for Christmas presents. Ssshhhh can’t tell you anything else just yet *wink wink*

I am going… to change around the living room over the weekend. We need to move the two seater settee away from the radiator as the room doesn’t really get very warm and we need to sort that out before winter sets in, and I want the TV to go in another corner of the room so we will be swapping that for Terry’s tank. Big job which will involve emptying, cleaning and refilling the aquarium, drilling holes in the wall for the TV brackets, moving two settees, hiding my yarn stash (haha good luck with that…) and moving two Ikea storage units. When I say “we” I mean “Kevin”, naturally.

I am wondering… which assignment to tackle first. I have got one for each module due in next Thursday and I don’t know which one to do tomorrow, and which one to leave until the start of next week. I have a feeling the creative writing one is going to need more revision so I might do that tomorrow and leave it to stew for a bit while I do the children’s literature one. Decisions, decisions…

I am reading… “Flash and Bones” by Kathy Reichs. It’s the 14th book in the Temperance Brennan (Bones) series, and is a nice distracting read away from the essays and critical analyses of children’s literature I’ve been doing this week.

I am hoping… we get a full turn out at band tomorrow night. We have got a few things to rehearse for Remembrance Sunday and then it’s full steam ahead for Christmas.

I am praying… for my son who is having a little difficulty with the transition from secondary school to college; my friend who is worried about his family breaking apart; a friend who is having professional difficulties at work; my church family who are about to start a very busy period of ministry leading up to and beyond Christmas.

I am learning… more about fairy tales than I thought was possible. And I’m loving it!

In my garden… I have had a lot of activity around my bird table this week. Blue tits and Great tits mainly, but the occasional squirrel and robin too. I haven’t been able to take a photo yet, but I will do if I can.

In my kitchen… I want to try some of the delicious recipes I keep seeing on my newsfeed on Facebook, and the one that is top of my list (when I’m brave enough) is the one for “breakfast eggs” which are done in a muffin tin and use bits of bacon and/or spring onions and other bits and pieces. They look gorgeous and I want to have a go.

Breakfast eggs


A favourite quote for today…




A peek into one of my days… 

all who are thirsty

This is a slide from a slide show I produced for tonight’s Praise and Pizza session at church. I did three like this, and it’s our version of the old bouncing ball, and it’s how we learn new songs. I love doing these and it’s a great way to have some fun with people because not everyone can read music, but most people can follow the ups and downs of music presented like this.

One of my favourite things… is settling down with a good book and enjoying a bit of escapism for a little while.

From the board room…

I love these! Can’t wait to make one. I bought the pattern last week and they are so cute.

Post Script… I had a disastrous day yesterday – couldn’t settle down to study, managed to give myself an electric shock unplugging my laptop, somehow fell of my chair at my desk (it moved from under me on its own, I swear), developed a big white spot on a very sore tonsil in the middle of a very sore throat – but today has been MUCH better. I managed to get down my “to do” list, I really got to grips with my studies this afternoon, my sore throat has settled down to a dull roar now, and I managed to get through the day without injuring either myself or anyone else. Result!!



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