Daybook Entry – 29th November, Advent Sunday

8598a-simple-woman-daybook-largeFor Today… 29th November, Advent Sunday

Outside my window… we are in the middle of the wildest storm so far this year. It has a name, apparently. World, meet Clodagh. She’s one wet and wild beast and she has blown a tree and shrubbery down, roof tiles off and fence panels down this afternoon. And that’s just in our garden.

I am thinking… about my daughter who has got a life-changing couple of days tomorrow and the day after. The hardest thing for a parent is to want what your child wants because it will make them happy but knowing all the while that it means they will be taken away from you.

I am thankful… that I have a roof over my head and a warm bed to sleep in tonight.

I am praying for… those without a bed tonight; for my daughter; my mum; for strength to get through the next few days.

I am wearing… comfy tracksuit bottoms, a t-shirt and hoodie.

I am creating… a pair of mittens for myself.

I am going… to get a 2000 word assignment done on “the representation of adult-child relationships in Little Women and Treasure Island” before Thursday. Honest.

I am wondering… when this storm will abate.

I am reading… just rediscovered V C Andrews and have started the first of the Casteel series, “Heaven”. Not very far into it to be honest so no opinion on it just yet.

I am hoping… that I hear from a potential PPI refund soon. Christmas is looking lean (again) at the minute but if I get some PPI refunded then we might be able to relax a little.

I am learning… a new technique to cast on my crochet. Not very enthralling to those who are not into handicrafts, but it is a useful technique and one I can use on lots of things.

In my garden… nature has had a great time giving it a makeover.

In my kitchen… not very hungry today so homemade nachos for tea.

A favourite quote for today…


Found at


A peek into one of my days…



One of my favourite things… is binge-watching TV while doing the ironing.

From the board room…

Post Script:

We are just on the brink of “silly season”. The lead up to Christmas in our household has always been mad, with logistics and planning skills worthy of the SAS, and this year it is looking like it isn’t going to be any different. We have got church commitments and engagements, band concerts and carolling experiences, schools work, Ethan’s music centre band concerts and college bands/orchestra/ choir (yes, CHOIR!) to fit in with family stuff and studying. With this in mind I have decided to commit to a daily meditation and mini-study session through Advent. I need to make space for things that matter, such as spiritual and prayer time, and when things are so busy it is most important to find the discipline to do it. I’ll let you know how it works out.



4 thoughts on “Daybook Entry – 29th November, Advent Sunday”

  1. A 2000 word assignment to be finished before Thursday. Good luck with it, Pam. To write something about adult-child relationships possibly is quite challenging. To think about these relationships as represented about in different times for sure is interesting!

    I hope you’ll be able to do your daily meditation as planned. Anyhow, keep enjoying all the preparations for Christmas.

    Sorry, I haven’t read your daybook entries for a while. But I always love to come back to it.

    So long, Uta 🙂


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