Daybook Entry 15th December

8598a-simple-woman-daybook-largeFor Today… 15th December 2015

Outside my window… it’s a rather mild night out there tonight. A bit damp, but not at all wintry.

I am thinking… about Tim Peake and how he has managed to rocket up from Earth to space today. I am not usually interested in things like that, but for some reason this time, I have found it fascinating stuff. Perhaps the Big Bang Theory has got something to do with it!

I am thankful… I have a wide circle of musician friends who can step into the breach at short notice with everything from music to stands to their time to their instruments to their expertise in insolvency.

I am praying for…  a friend whose mum died this evening; for those I know where Christmas is a painful and unhappy time.

I am wearing…bonjela on a fiendish mouth ulcer right inside my bottom lip which is so sore now it is even making my chin ache.

I am creating… a pair of fingerless mittens for my friend Gill.

I am going… to be singing carols in three residential care homes in Blackley tomorrow afternoon.

I am wondering… why my hands are bruising so easily at the minute. Honestly, they’re like over-ripe peaches and every time I give a little knock I’m coming up in a bruise. And they’re sore too.

I am reading… the most infuriating book ever written. Well, perhaps not THE most infuriating book ever written but one that’s definitely on the list of top 10. It’s called “A Journal of Sin” by Darryl Donoghue and is about the murder of the local priest during a storm which conveniently has cut off the local village by floods. The investigation is undertaken by a visitor, who just happens to be a rookie police officer who has no jurisdiction, very little experience and no communication facilities. The priest has kept a series of notebooks over the years in which he has written notes on various confessions from his parishioners, and we are led to believe that he was murdered for something in one of these notebooks. The premise is good and the characters are just about plausible, but what is irritating me is the narrative itself – it is laborious at best, and overly simplified at worst. It is very much of the Agatha Raisin or Hamish MacBeth ilk, almost comic and very stereotypical. It reminds me of Hot Fuzz in some ways too, such as the over blown ways the characters are drawn. You could ask me why I have kept on reading it, which is a good question. My answer is that I want to know who killed him and why (the author has successfully hooked me in) and having invested the past two nights in reading it so far, I am closer to the finishing line than the starting block. Hey ho.

I am hoping… that this book has a decent ending!

I am learning… that I need to be more organised sooner, especially when it comes to having to lead other people

In my garden… the shrubs have all had their winter trim now and a lot of my greenery has gone (sob). I am looking forward to it all regrowing in the spring (yay).

In my kitchen… are the ingredients for red onion chutney which I will be making tomorrow or Thursday.

A favourite quote for today…


“Hope sees the invisible, feels the intangible and achieves the impossible”

A peek into one of my days…

Poor Santa

We had a visit from Santa at our end of term party yesterday at Stay and Play. Poor Santa, he’ll be out of hospital sometime next week thankfully!

One of my favourite things… is a nice cup of tea.

From the board room… favoured procrastination method today:

Post Script:

Silly season is about halfway through now and so far so good. Only the one issue healthwise (the ulcer) and only a few tears (not Christmas related). This time next week it will be family and fun times and I am really looking forward to it all. Bring it on!


5 thoughts on “Daybook Entry 15th December”

  1. Family and fun time starts on Friday afternoon!
    One of the good things about working in a school is the shutdown at Christmas. I don’t get all the time off that the teachers do but the Christmas break is one I look forward to.
    Roll on Friday. It’s a long way ’til January 4th.

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  2. Hi I recently returned to Blackley after 35 years in Melbourne, Australia … Quite a few changes. I went to St.Clares and lived on Heathbank Road. It’s been good reading your blog and all the comments.
    I was Dr Jelonoviczs first patient when I was born. I also remember Mr.Chisholm the butcher /dentist.
    Hope you aren’t having problems with flooding. We have bushfires at present.


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