Don’t Fence Me In

I have been at my desk writing (and redrafting/editing) for the past 6 days more or less solidly, and I decided I need to stretch my legs this morning to make sure I remember how to use them. So I went for a walk.

Actually, to be honest, I went out yesterday and the day before as well, but it is today’s walk I wanted to share with you here because as often happens, my mind went on a little walk of its own and I had a bit of a thought.






Do fences keep things out, or do they hold things in? Are there “fences” in our lives that stop us from doing things, either by holding us in place where we are, or by stopping us reaching for something? Do we build our own fences, or do we allow others to build them for us? Do we allow those fences to become cages or prisons? Or, like this picture, do they run and run into the distance and there’s no chance of ever getting past them?

Maybe you’ve made some new year’s resolutions around setting yourself new challenges, or perhaps not. I haven’t as such but after this morning’s walk I’m thinking about how I can resolve to be more aware of the “fences” in my life, and to be mindful of whether they are mine or someone else’s, and what their function is.

Don’t fence me in. And I’ll try not to fence myself in neither.



4 thoughts on “Don’t Fence Me In”

  1. Interesting thoughts about fences, Pam. You ask:
    “Do fences keep things out, or do they hold things in?
    . . . . do they run and run into the distance and there’s no chance of ever getting past them?”
    I think to the above question both applies: Fences do keep things out and they do hold things in. The question is, are they necessary? What if they go on and on and we cannot get past them?
    I also think that it is very interesting to ask myself what sort of fences I build around myself and what sort of fences other people build around themselves. And why do we build such fences! I think for instance a community where you have contact with your neighbours is preferable to a community where such contacts do not exist.


    1. I think we have a tendency to build metaphorical fences around ourselves too, don’t you think? Where we withhold ourselves from people or things in case they hurt us. We like to fence in our feelings sometimes too.


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