Daybook Entry – 9th January

021114_2314_DaybookEntr1.jpgFor Today… 9th January 2016

Outside my window… it is 8 degrees but feels like 2; it is raining; it is dark; it makes me glad I’m home

I am thinking… I should be reading a critical essay on Peter Pan instead of doing this

I am thankful… that my eye test this morning showed no health problems, and only minimal change in my vision

I am praying for… the people in communities who are still affected by flooding

I am wearing… a spare pair of glasses that I’d forgotten I had which are doing a great job of giving me an “intermediate distance” focus so I can use my laptop for the first time in months!

I am creating… a minion in rugby clothes for my daughter, Emma

I am going… to see the “Flying Scotsman” on a test run tomorrow

I am wondering… whether to have a gin and tonic tonight or stick with wine

I am reading… “Played to Death” by BV Lawson

I am hoping… to get my mark back soon for my last OU writing assignment. I’m excited by the project and just hope that bears out in my marks

I am learning… how to craft a story properly

In my garden… the spring bulbs are starting to show shoots in the soil. Go back! It’s not spring yet!!

In my kitchen… nachos for tea tonight. None of us are very hungry and we just fancy a snack

A favourite quote for today… actually, I am going to quote you an excerpt of a phone conversation we overheard on the tram today. A wife is talking to her husband on the phone and we guessed she was going to get off in the centre of Oldham outside Sainsbury’s:

 “We’re on the tram now. Can you pick me up from Sainsbury’s? (Pause) Ok, I’ll remind you when we get to Hollinwood. (Pause) Well if you’re not there we’ll kill time in Sainsbury’s. (Pause) Aye, thought you would be.”

Cue Kevin wetting himself laughing – “that’s one way to make sure he’s there to pick her up on time. Save himself a fortune!”

A peek into one of my days…

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I had to go into Manchester today for an eye test, and whilst waiting for the tram home I took these photos. They show the very essence of what makes Manchester so Manchesterish. First of all, there is the oldest pub in the city, Sinclair’s. It survived the IRA bomb of 1996 where it got badly damaged, and it was rebuilt brick by brick in a slightly new location here. It stands side by side with one of the newer buildings in the city centre, the Harvey Nichols and the Selfridge’s stores which are in complete contrast. Whereas the pub is brick, mortar, wood, plaster etc, the Selfridge’s is all steel and glass. Next, there is the view along Corporation Street which shows the footbridge/tunnel between the Arndale Centre and Marks and Spencer in the distance. This was the location of the 1996 bomb, and that bridge came to represent the resilience of the Manchester people. Next we see the Printworks on the corner of Shudehill and Corporation Street. It used to be called “Maxwell House” and it was home to newspaper writing and printing in the city. Now, it’s home to a multiplex cinema and numerous bars, restaurants and shops. It’s a fabulous place and has a character all of its own. And finally, the Corn Exchange. Another symbol of Manchester’s resilience and adaptability, this building has been here for over 100 years, replacing an earlier building from around 100 years prior to that. It has gone through a couple of changes of name, and it has gone through more than a couple of changes of purpose. Originally, it was used as a place to trade – hence the name “Corn and Produce Exchange”, it’s first name. It fell out of use when trade was difficult in the 1920s and 30s where there was a widespread depression and financial crisis. It has been used by the Royal Exchange Theatre Company as an extension to their premises further up Corporation Street (another centre for trade originally) and more recently was used as a place for “alternative” lifestyles. You could find second hand records, tattoo and piercing paraphernalia and practitioners, crafts, clothing shops etc, but it all came to a halt after the bomb. It was damaged on the inside from the blast, and was remodelled into a shopping centre and renamed “The Triangle” because of its shape, but that all stopped and a few years ago it was changed AGAIN and is back to being the Corn Exchange with quality retail shops inside. For me, it sums up the history of Manchester as well as its ability to rise above hardship and difficulty and still look as glorious as it did when it was first built. This little collection of photos are taken from the new Exchange Square tram stop outside the Arndale Centre. It has only recently been opened and is part of the new and expanded Metrolink system (or the tram as it’s known to the locals). Again, a demonstration of how Manchester continues to evolve and change yet still keep hold of its distinct Manchesterishness

One of my favourite things… is being out and about in my home city

From the board room…

Can’t wait to try these!

Post Script:

Well, we’re 9 days in and so far so good. Postaday2016 is underway…watch this space!



2 thoughts on “Daybook Entry – 9th January”

  1. The Corn Exchange was a cool place in the 80’s. You could find all sorts of things in there. I used to go in a book shop that was decorated with ouija boards and ash trays rimmed by stone skulls. You don’t get that with Waterstones.


  2. You say you are praying for… the people in communities who are still affected by
    Since I was wondering whether your area had been affected by flooding it is good to know that you are okay.
    For many days last week we did have lots of rain and North of Sydney some places were badly flooded while Western Australia suffers from great heat and a lot of bush-fires.


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