Daybook Entry – 18th January 2016

8598a-simple-woman-daybook-largeFor Today… 18th January 2016

Outside my window… Winter is having a bit of a break. We have had some snow over the weekend but it has warmed up and dried up today and even though it’s still a bit chilly it isn’t exactly freezing.

I am thinking… about the stage directions in Peter Pan for an essay I’m writing.

I am thankful… that I don’t have to get up too early in the morning. The old body is a bit sore today and it needs its rest.

I am praying for… a family I have come to know recently who are living in a difficult situation which is set to get even more complicated in the next couple of weeks.

I am wearing… shorts and a t-shirt under my big thick dressing gown.

I am creating… a list of things I’d like to create when I’ve got some spare time!

I am going… to pick up my new glasses tomorrow. I will then have a distance pair, a reading pair and a middle-distance pair that I can use when I’m preaching or conducting, or when I’m on the laptop. At the moment I struggle with either fuzzy faces or fuzzy text.

I am wondering… how on Earth I’m going to get two assignments done by this time next week.

I am reading… “Bad Boy” by Peter Robinson. I can only read a bit of it at a time in between all the other stuff I’ve got to read. I’ve been studying Peter Pan so that’s been to hand for a week and I am just about to start “Buffalo Soldier” by Tanya Landman which is a set book for the end of the course assignment.

I am hoping… tomorrow is a migraine-free day.

I am learning… to trust my instincts when reading between the lines.

In my garden… I have an empty bird feeder which I will be filling up tomorrow to encourage some birds.

A favourite quote for today…

a year from now

A peek into one of my days…


Vital essay-writing tools

One of my favourite things… is cuddling new babies

From the board room…

I remember making something like these when I was a kid, only we used sugar or salt, and we left them to grow by the fire for about a fortnight. I wish I could remember exactly what we did now, but these that I found today look so much better than mine all that time ago.

Post Script:

I’ve just read that Glenn Frey of the Eagles has died, news which saddens me. One of my favourite albums as a teenager was Hotel California and his voice on Lyin’ Eyes was fantastic. I’m sad that he suffered at the end and I’ll be forever grateful for the contribution he made to the world with his music.

Here’s a video of a live performance of Lyin’ Eyes.



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