Looking Back

There is a meme on Facebook at the minute asking people to post pictures of themselves from when they were children, and I took part yesterday for “Throwback Thursday”. However, choosing photographs from your past is not that easy to do is it? Do you choose ones where you are dressed in your best…but it was the 1970s, or do you choose the ones that show you ‘warts and all’?

The ones I decided on show me and my two brothers at various stages of growing up and I marvelled at the way we all have turned out, especially as we were pretty cute kids at the time! There a couple more I’d like to share with you today too. So first, here are the ones I shared yesterday:

‘Brown shoes’ is the name I gave to one of my Gran’s ornaments of a little girl with a blue hat and brown shoes on that matched mine. My Gran gave me the ornament just before she died for safekeeping, and she sits on my shelf by the side of my bed now and reminds me of my Gran each time I look at her.

Now then, here are a couple more from my past that I would like to share. You can see that music was a big part of my life from the age of about 7 years old in this next photo:

I'm on the front row, third from the left
I’m on the front row, third from the left


And finally, a couple of ones to really date me!

A little trip back to the 1970s – good fun!



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