“Come To Me”

come to me


There are times in life when it all gets a bit much. A bit overwhelming. A bit tiresome and heavy going. We all go through stages like that and some people go through them more often and more deeply than others but the message from Jesus is the same: “Come to me all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest”.

I am wrestling with a couple of personal issues just now and they are weighing me down and tiring me out. I have suffered with depression in the past and I can feel it lurking in a dark corner of my being at the minute too.

Some people refer to depression as a black dog and I can see how that fits – the darkness, the threat, the hot breath down the back of your neck, the fact you can’t outrun it, the slobbery, shadowy beast following you round giving you a nip at your heels now and then – and I know that when I get tired and overwhelmed like I am now, that black dog starts growling and stepping out of the shadows.

I need to reminded of that verse today. If only so that I can keep that black dog in his kennel for a while longer yet.



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