Bye Bye Terry

Today we lost one of our country’s best broadcasters in the shape of Terry Wogan. He had a long and varied career on both TV and radio and has been the stalwart in such institutions as Children in Need and the Radio 2 Breakfast Show. He has sung with a brass band, been a quiz master, a chat show host, a radio presenter and so much more, but for me, there is absolutely no contest on his commentary for the Eurovision Song Contest.

Here he is being interviewed by Clive James about his experiences behind the scenes at it:

I am a big fan of the Eurovision Song Contest and no, I don’t take it seriously AT ALL but listening to Terry’s comments on the singers and the interval acts made it for me. Graham Norton does a good job, but I have not yet heard him be as irreverent as Mr Wogan.

Here’s another video of Terry on his chat show where he interviewed Hinge and Bracket, another one of my favourites from TV and radio as a child.

One thing I will miss about him is his Janet and John stories, of which there are hundreds out there somewhere. Here is one when John did some housework… very funny. You have to understand the British sense of humour to get the best from it, but I do hope you enjoy it nonetheless.

RIP Terry, from this Manchester TOG.



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