I’ve Got The Joy!

One of the joys of community banding such as we do at Todmorden Band is that we have a great deal of choice about what music we play at what time of the year. At this time, many – if not most – brass bands are preparing for the area contests, which serve as a qualifying round to the national finals held in September. The bands all have to play the same piece of music as proscribed by the contest organisers, so all fourth section bands across the country will play the same piece, all second section bands will play another piece and so on. It means that January and February are made up of rehearsals for this particular contest – it is a prestigious one to win, and so those bands who take part take it very seriously and practice like mad for it.

But at Todmorden, we don’t have constrictions on our music like that and as a consequence we can play music to suit us, our mood, our upcoming concerts etc and we don’t have to worry about every dot and every quaver.

We have our annual anniversary concert coming up in April and so we are leisurely picking our way through some pieces that may or may not see their way through to the programme that night. Last week was the same, and to be honest I think I pushed the band a bit and there were some sore lips still tonight from it! I thought I would be gentler with them tonight and so we had a bit of a quieter night.

Until the end, when we played this march (video below). It’s called “Goldcrest” and it is a Salvation Army publication. The trio is based around a certain hymn tune which I’m sure you will recognise. I do hope it makes it on to our anniversary concert programme in April and I am almost certain it will be on our parks programme too. After an evening of gentle playing, this was a fiendish piece to finish with – sorry chaps!

This is not my band playing it, but I do hope you enjoy this march as played by my friend Hiroe’s band, “Brass Neo” in joint concert with Hammonds Saltaire Band.



3 thoughts on “I’ve Got The Joy!”

  1. ah, memories. We sang this as Junior Soldiers at the Melbourne Citadel. The boys would all shout “where?” between each line and the girls would bang and wave their timbrels (very noisy with long ribbons)

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